8 Helpful Tips for Applying Mascara


Do you think you’ve heard all the hints for applying mascara? I’ve got some really helpful tips for applying mascara that you might not know about yet! The beauty world is continually discovering new ways to apply mascara, so we need to keep ourselves updated with the latest developments!

1. Powder puff

Applying powder to the under eye area is one of the helpful tips when you are using mascara. Sometimes when you put mascara on your bottom eyelashes, it smudges because it is attracted to concealer or eye cream. Avoid those dreaded eyeliner smudges and mascara smears by applying powder under your eyes and keeping the area matte and nice!

2. Brown and black

Another lesser known tip for applying mascara is to use two different mascara colors on your eyelashes. Applying black from the roots and then coating the tips with brown mascara will make your lashes looking thicker and longer.

Many makeup artists prefer to coat the bottom eyelashes with brown and the top with black. Try experimenting to find out which works best for you!

3. Primer

The next mascara tip is to use lash primer before applying mascara. Lash primer prepares the eyelashes for mascara and also add length and volume. This is a perfect option if you want to make your eyes look stunning and dramatic and don’t want to use fake eyelashes.

4. Layer mascara

Another mascara tip is for girls who want their eyelashes to really stand out and are not really seeking for a natural look. Layering several types of mascara with different wands and formulas can give you unbelievable results.

Patty Dubroff, makeup artist, recommends using at least three or four mascaras. She loves to mix mascaras with a thin brush for lower lashes and inner corners, full brushes to get length, and a comb wand to define and separate lashes.

5. Wand

When you purchase a new mascara, pay attention to the wand. Check out the features of the brushes, as it can make a big difference in how your eyelashes look! Narrow tips works perfectly on the inner corners of the eyes, a slender wand makes it easy to coat the tiny corner eyelashes and shorter bristles pick up less mascara for a more natural look.

6. Consistency

When you are using mascara, make sure to use consistent strokes so you do not end up with clumpy eyelashes, and avoid applying a lot of mascara. If the wand deposits too much mascara, use a lash comb to get rid of mascara clumps and separate your eyelashes. If you don’t have a lash comb, blot the wand with a tissue before applying.

7. Wiggle room

Application is as important as the mascara wand and formula you use. Gently wiggling the brush at the base of your eyelashes and working it up to the tips will make your lashes look thicker and longer. Placing mascara near the roots (not the tips) creates the illusion of longer lashes.

8. Replacing

If you have a few tubes of mascara, keep track of the date you purchased the mascara. To avoid hanging on to an old mascara, write the date of buying with a marker on the tube. Old mascara can foster bacteria that can cause an infection.

Moreover, it is dry and will not do much for your eyelashes when it’s old. Throw out your mascara after three months to keep your lashes and eyes happy.

Everything from the formula to the mascara wand you use can make a huge difference in how your eyelashes look. What other tips for applying mascara do you know? Share your thoughts, please!