9 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Woman


A person is free to choose their marital status and kind of relationships they want to be involved in. Do you agree with this?

Some women choose not to have serious relations for many reasons. They are busy with their career, studying, they want to do and try a lot of thing before devoting themselves to the family.

Some remain single because they haven`t found their love yet. But those constant remarks of people around us, close friends or relatives may be really annoying at times.

When I was in such situation, hearing such remarks, I wanted to punch them in their faces. Constant questions “when will you get married?” can make a woman depressed and desperate. Be careful not to make the same mistake, read these 9 points.

1. “I wonder why such a good girl is still single…”

As a young girl I used to hear it very often, even from men. One such question and you start searching for flaws in your appearance and character. You certainly do not need to do that!

So I recommend you to let such remarks float past your ears. The fact is that you should be in harmony with yourself and the sooner you accept who you are with all the strong and weak sides, the better. Never stop learning something new, getting new experiences, developing new skills, so that when you meet your love, he will never let you go.

2. “Are you ever going to be married?”

Asking such a question is rude and it reveals the ill breading of the enquirer. For some it is a sore point. What if a woman wants to get married but she does not get the desired for some reasons?

She may get depressed after such a question. But if a woman lives a happy single life, she will be bored to death explaining all the advantages of her choice and, I`m sure, the questioner will not understand her position. In order not to hurt somebody`s feeling or get in an unpleasant situation, never ask such a question.

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3. “How long have you been single by now?”

A person of tact never asks such a question. But anyway you may occasionally hear it from a person who is engaged in some kind of relationships. When you have a single friend you`ll definitely have a lot of fun together.

Anyway being reminded for what period of time you have been single is not very pleasant. But no matter if you are satisfied with your life or want to change it, you`d better shut your eyes to such remarks.

4. “When I was your age…”

Mature women that have great life experience, as they think, are always sure that you need to hear this. As if it will change something! Moreover, everyone has his own destiny, and if she had 2 children at 30 doesn`t at all mean you also have to.

Nowadays the value of family has completely changed and people of older generation understand it with great difficulties. And we can`t blame them for that, we can only keep explaining that you are single and you are happy to do whatever you want.

5. “You must have kids before 30…”

Such a remark always drives women crazy, firstly, because it hints at their biological age and, secondly, that they don`t have family yet. The both subjects are none of anybody`s business.

Moreover, I know many women who got pregnant after 30 and they and their kids are doing really great. It is a stereotype in our society supported by older generation.

They still remember the times when girls after 20 are thought to remain old spinsters for the rest of their lives. Don`t allow people’s principles influence you, it is you who is to make the decision.

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6. “Will you go to the cinema with me and my boyfriend?”

I often see young people walking in three, a couple and his\her friend. They are usually laughing, talking all the time. But I can`t get rid of the idea that a single friend feels awkward deep inside all the time though not showing any sign of it.

So don`t put your friend and yourself in an uncomfortable position. Though it may happen so that you three are best friends and hanging out together is your frequent company. But cinema going with another couple will be a real confusion, believe me.

7. “If he hasn`t proposed by now…”

It is another phrase that should never pass your lips, and I also wish you never to hear it. Rumor has it that if a man hasn`t proposed you after 18 months, he will never do it. Who has invented this, I wonder?

Marriage is always only between the two people and it is only for you to decide when to tie your lives together. You should never rush the thing but consider all the factors, age, finances, etc.

8. “You are single, I am single, so let`s have some fun together.”

This phrase is mostly heard from guys. A single girl is rarely so desperate to have some ’fun’ with an unfamiliar man.

It is more likely that she would prefer more serious relations than a short intrigue for a night. You`d better not make assumptions but get to know the girl better.

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9. “You can do whatever you want, I wish I was single as well.”

Usually single people envy those in relations and vice versa. Anyway there`s nothing mush to feel envy about. Every lifestyle has its pros and cons, and it is you who chooses what suits you best.

There are always some periods of time when we feel unsatisfied with ourselves and our lives. It is just a moment of weakness, that`s all. If you want some changes to happen, you`ll do it but without comparing to another person`s life.

These tips are very useful. Keep them in mind and you won`t offend your single friend unintentionally. To choose a single lifestyle requires a great power of will and self-confidence. At the same time choosing relationships needs courage readiness to sacrifice yourself for another person.

Did somebody offend you by a careless phrase? Did you say what you didn`t want to? Share in the comments, please.