6 Signs You Are Dating a Married Man


Love knows no boundaries. When we love, we tend to act blind. But if you feel that the man you are dating is married, it’s better to be sure now, than to regret later. Check out some sure signs you are dating a married man.

1. He doesn’t talk about family and friends

A married man would never talk about his friends and family. Just ask your boyfriend about his family or friends, and see his reaction.

If he ignores your question, then he might be hiding his marital status. A married man wouldn’t discuss his friends too, because he wants to keep the relationship private.

2. He has given you only one phone number

If your boyfriend has given you just a single contact number, and doesn’t want to share other personal information, then something is wrong. If he hesitates when you ask him for his other contact details, then he might be cheating on you. He would hide all his contact details so that you can’t find the truth.

3. He never calls you at his home

If your boyfriend always meets you out, you should try to know the reason behind this. If he keeps avoiding the subject of marriage time, this is a sure sign you’re dating a married man. He avoids the subject of marriage to hide the truth.

4. He avoids public places

A married man always avoids public places because there are many people who might know him. If your boyfriend always suggests going to some isolated places or staying indoor and watching a movie, then he might be married. If he is married he might not meet you at weekends.

5. He always pays cash

Does your boyfriend take you out for a dinner or for shopping and always pay in cash? This may be a sign that you are dating a married man.

He just doesn’t want to leave any evidence for his wife to know. So now you should confront him on this issue.

6. You have a gut feeling

If you have a gut feeling that the man you are dating is already married, you must collect evidence against him. Listen to what your intuition says and know the truth before it’s too late.

Are you dating a married man? What other signs do you know? Share your thoughts, please!