7 Tips for Empowering Women around You


Women need to support one another and stand together against all the obstacles facing us every single day. By empowering other women, we’re allowing each other to reach our highest potential. Here are a few useful tips for empowering other women.

1. Accept all types of women

No matter what body type, religion, sexual preference or fashion sense, we’re women and we need to stick together. You’re not empowering other women like you. Remember you’re empowering the women to follow their dreams!

2. Be a role model to them

Another easy way to empower other women is to be a role model. Be confident and show women around you that it’s easier to be a powerful and strong woman than they think.

Every woman is always in need of role models to show her the right way in life. You might be the outstanding role model women need in their life to empower them!

3. Compliment women around you

Take the time to compliment women around you. A woman feels more empowered when she has more confidence.

Sometimes that small boost of confidence a woman gets when she receives compliments may be just what she needs to feel more confident. When we raise each other up, we are empowering each other to reach our full potential.

4. Watch what you say about other women

By watching what you say about women around you, you can start to change the way our society views some certain words. A woman who isn’t as feminine may not be referred to as a bitch. And a woman who is freer with her sexuality may not be viewed as a slut. If we begin thinking more carefully about what we say about other women, so will society.

5. Feel free to speak up

Perhaps this is the most important thing we should do to empower women around us. If you see a woman who’s being belittled, don’t let it just pass by and say something!

Every time when women are mistreated, it impacts each of us. Speak up and let the world know that empowering women is not something to be taken so lightly.

6. Be kind

Being kind to women around you will show that you appreciate and respect all women. It’s the smallest but sincere way to empower women. You are not only setting a good example, but you’re showing the world that women can be strong and sweet at the same time.

7. Instill a sense of empowerment in your daughters

Instilling a sense of empowerment in your daughter is also important. Let her know early on that she can do anything she set her mind to. Instilling these qualities in your daughter will help us to create a new generation of women who won’t stop at anything to achieve their goals.

What are some other ways to empower women around you? Share your thoughts, please!