5 Alternative Sports Ideas for Children Who Don’t Like Team Sports


Football. Baseball. Soccer. Basketball. Whether it’s fall, summer, or spring, it seems every community keeps a league open for children in the same four sports. These popular team sports are cookie cutter across the country, but not every child fits nicely into the mold.

There are children just not as aggressive, or competitive as their peers. Careful children calculate risk and shy away from anything unknown faster than an insurance adjuster. Autonomous children have an independent streak more than a mile long, and team sports aren’t their thing.

As a parent, it can be tough to pry a child away from video games and interest him or her in a sport. If there was resistance the last time you tried to sign your child up for a youth sport league, consider offering one of these alternatives:

1. Endurance Running

Remember when we were kids and our favorite thing to do was run? Children today have lost many opportunities to run free, thanks to physical education and recess disappearing from school curriculums.

On the scale of expense, this sport is by far the least expensive. Starting out, your child only needs loose clothing and a pair of sneakers. Eventually, higher-end running shoes or a heart rate monitor may be needed to prevent injuries.

Endurance running is also something a child and parent can do together. Brush up on your running know-how, such as proper stretching before and after and warming up.

Set small goals at first, both in speed and distance. Maybe work up as a family to running in a local 5K or 10K race! If running in your neighborhood isn’t safe, head up to a local school and run on the track.