10 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine


Vaseline was developed in 1872 by Unilever. Within a few short years, the plain petroleum jelly had became a standard in medicine cabinets and makeup drawers the world over.

Over the nearly century and a half since its development, the uses of Vaseline have grown to include everything from first aid to cosmetics and more. Here are ten ways you can use Vaseline in your personal beauty routine.

1. Makeup Removal

Vaseline is a non-polar hydrocarbon, which means it is great for removing waterproof makeup, like waterproof mascaras and lipsticks. If you need to up the ante to help remove a stubborn lipstick, mix some sugar with the

Vaseline to make a gentle lip scrub that you apply with your fingers in a circular motion. Wipe the mixture off when you are done and you’ll have removed your makeup and moisturized your skin at the same time, doing both without any harsh chemicals.