7 Hairstyles Men Love


Looking for sexy hairstyles men are attracted to? Men actually have a very adequate definition of women’s hairstyles they love.

Sometimes the hairstyles women love and the hairstyles men love can be worlds apart. I’ve got a list of 7 hairstyles men definitely love!

1. Big sexy hair

Big sexy hair is one of those hairstyles that every man loves, especially if you wear it with smoky eyes and come-hither look. Apply mousse to your wet hair and allow it to air dry, then blow dry hair upside down, tease and spritz with extra hold hairspray.

2. Boho loose waves hairstyle

Every guy loves to see long, wavy, flowing hair on a woman, touchably soft and not overly styled. If you are lucky to have wavy hair, it’s great! If not, use extra-large rollers or a big curling iron to get the waves, finger comb hair upside down, and spray with a light-hold hairspray.

3. Pigtails

Really, girls, guys love pigtails! I have even managed to wear pigtails to the office and all of my male coworkers really liked them. If you like pigtails, don’t be afraid to wear them!

4. Face-framing layers

No matter whether your hair is short or long, another hairstyle men love is face-framing layers. Face-framing layers work for almost every hair length and type, so ask your stylist to add some at your next trim. Your boyfriend will be tempted to brush your hair off your face and wrap it behind your ear every time he sees you.

5. Sporty ponytail

A lot of guys like sporty high ponytail! Bend over at the waist letting all of your hair fall forward, scrape hair into high ponytail and spray with a high-hold hairspray. Skip heavy make-up that will look at odds with your sporty ponytail.

6. Short and saucy

Although the majority of men say that short hair is not their favorite woman’s hairstyle, there are guys who like short hair on women. If you have thin hair, then a short hairstyle is a perfect idea. You might want to try a stylish bob or a pixie cut.

7. Sexy librarian updo

I have never met a guy who did not have the sexy librarian fantasy. So rock it for your boyfriend with a low bun, held in place by a couple of clips or pins. Wear a button down blouse, pencil skirt and your favorite glasses, he will definitely love it!

Which of these hairstyles will you try? Which of them do you think men like best? Share your thoughts, please!