7 Tips and Tricks for Looking Great in Photographs


Want to know secret tips and tricks for looking great in every photo? Today we’re on a journey to discovering the secrets to look perfect in photographs. You don’t have to be a famous model or celeb and you don’t have to be perfectly beautiful to take a perfect picture. There are many experts who have created a set of useful tips that we can follow and always have awesome photos. Read on…

1. Look above the lens of the camera

I learnt this trick from a professional photographer several years ago. She told me to look slightly above the lens of the camera instead of straight into the camera. This gave the appearance that I was looking into the camera more than if I actually did. I usually use this trick when having photographs taken professionally. If you are getting your photo taken from below be careful with a possible double chin.

To help the situation, move your face a little bit forward and stretch your head up! It sounds weird, I know, but you will see that it’s very effective. I would also recommend you to look straight at the photographer, especially if your boyfriend or best friend does the job. It will impart unfeigned warmness and tenderness to your eyes. There is also another variant of this trick.

Pretend that you are peering into a distant spot! Imagine that you are waiting for someone to come or that you are deep in thoughts. This way, you can gain rather stately appearance. So, if you want to keep your eyes open and bright, look slightly above the camera lens. This is one of the easiest ways to look great in any photo!

2. Turn your face to the right

Research claims that we tend to show more emotion on the face’s left side, so when being photographed, turn your head a little bit to the right to look more appropriate for the occasion. This will leave you looking more natural and happier. In addition, this trick will help you to set off the coquettish curve of your eyebrow and the apple of your cheekbone.

Keep in mind that looking straight into the camera can make all your imperfections, such as big nose or broad forehead, come out. Moreover, straight look is more aggressive, especially if you don’t smile. Practice in front of your mirror to find the best pose and appearance. Ask your best friend to conduct a testing photo session, so that you can judge the best look.

Last year I ordered a photo session to learn the secrets of ideal face expression from the professional and I learnt many interesting and useful things. I would also recommend you to experiment with your hair. While loose hair is always a great option, you can also try to place it from the left or right side of your face and see which variant is better. You can also braid your hair or create a stylish up-do.

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3. Stand with your arms at your sides

When it comes to taking photos, people often don’t know what to do with their arms. As a result they look strained and uneasy. Some people try to clap their hands; others intend to hide them behind their back. Actually, both variants aren’t bad when you feel confident. However, if you’re at a loss with your arms here’s one trick for you.

When you stand with your arms at your sides, you look more natural, and this creates a wonderful photo. When you stand with your arms crossed, you may look serious and unhappy.. Don’t keep your arms super straight or rigid, simply let them hang loosely and comfortably at your sides. You will be astonished at how wonderful you look, I promise. You can also try different poses with your pockets or belt.

For example, by keeping your hands in pockets you will relax your shoulders, neck and back, thus it will make you look more confident and natural. Play with your bag, scarf or anything you find in your hands! The most important thing when taking photos is to have fun! Thus, do not pretend to look too serious. As an added bonus, spontaneous emotions and gestures look much more interesting and unique!

4. Turn your body sideways

Successful photos are usually obliged to successful pose. If you stand straight facing the lens of the camera, it will add more width to the body. To avoid it, slightly turn your body sideways when you are getting your photo taken. This way, you will look awesome no matter your weight. To create a slimmer silhouette, pop your knee a little bit.

In addition, you will be able to display all the alluring curves of your face, neck and shoulders. However, this pose may be rather treacherous if you work with an inexperienced or amateur photographer. Make sure he takes pictures at the proper height so that you won’t look shorter than you are. To help the situation, ask the photographer to shoot only the upper part of your body.

Another thing to pay attention to is the light. Incorrect light and shadow combination can deface the most beautiful appearance. On the other hand, good light can conceal a bad skin, unnecessary pounds and wrinkles, so you will not need to appeal to Photoshop. Thus, if you don’t get your photos taken in a studio, make sure there’s enough light outside. As a side note, I would recommend taking photos at the sunset.

5. Natural make-up

Applying make-up for photos is a little bit different than applying your everyday make-up. If you want to look great in any photo, opt for a natural make-up. When your make-up is bright, your look may appear over-exaggerated on camera and you may end up looking like a clown in the photo.

However, if it is a thematic photo session, you can experiment with the most various and boldest colors of eye shades, lipsticks and blushes. If it’s not, you’d better consult a professional make-up artist. They are often experienced when it comes to photographs and can teach you several basic secrets of “photo-makeup.” Also, try to avoid intricate hair styles and clothes unless it’s a fancy-dress ball.

Hide all the imperfections, apply some highlighter and a bit of mascara. I would also recommend you to have a sound sleep before you are going to get your pictures taken. This way, you’ll achieve a natural blush, even complexion and refreshed skin. I think this is the best make-up ever! However, if you want to add some accents to your eyes or cheeks, choose palettes of golden, beige and drown shades and peach or rosy blush. Look for composed palettes marked “nude.”

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6. Wear lipstick

This tip is for those women who don’t usually wear lipstick or gloss. Since a photograph can slightly wash you out, it can leave you look lipless when the photo is developed. So I highly recommend you to wear some lipstick or gloss to create a smile that’s incredibly beautiful. Try a bright red or shiny pink, but make sure it looks completely natural. Remember the previous tip, don’t you?

Make sure that the color of your lipstick goes with the color of eye shades, blush and, what is the most important, your skin tone. Avoid using deep berries, bronze and rosy tints even if you think it is captivating. These tones will add several years to your look and emphasize all the imperfections of the skin. Before applying your lipstick, it’s recommended to use a neutral lip liner.

This way, you won’t bother during the session whether everything is ok with your lips. For a more natural look, choose matte tones since they look much more expensive on your lips. Add a drop of gloss to make your lips more sensitive. If you are not going to use any eye shadow, opt for a red lipstick and black eyeliner. Don’t forget about a simple and sincere smile.

7. Relax and smile

Finally, the most important and probably the most difficult tip for looking great in photos is smile. When you are posing for a photo, you should create a natural facial expression. A tight smile won’t look great, believe me. Think about the wonderful things or people in your life and try to relax and smile sincerely.

If you usually smile with your mouth open, try to do the same in the photographs. Sometimes it’s hard to relax and behave naturally when you cooperate with unknown photographer. They will probably try to get you talking so don’t resist. Don’t get shy when your photographer will ask you about you hobbies, interests, pets or first love. These common yet pleasant memories will make your eyes sparkle.

You will see how easier it is to work in a spontaneous atmosphere. In addition, you will be surprised at the astonishing photos you will get. Feel free and easy and you will see true emotions and happy eyes looking at you from the picture. The next important hint is confidence. Accept and grow fond of your face, hair, figure whatever! Remember, if you feel good, you will look even better. No makeup or clothes could outbid your radiant and happy smile.

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Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you look great in any photo. What do you think about these tricks? Do you have any other tips to share with us?