Happy Halloween! How I’m Going to Celebrate It This Year


There are so many holidays that we celebrate throughout the year, however, I should admit that Halloween is one of my favorite ones since it gives me a wonderful opportunity to go back to my childhood and recollect the brightest emotions of those times. Fresh autumn air, delicious foods, colorful costumes, and lots of funny activities are the main reasons I love Halloween.

Everything started from my parents’ home. When I was a child we always celebrated this mysterious holiday on the 31st of October. As a rule, that day was full of entertainment, fun, and horrifying activities. Though I’m an adult person and I have my own family, I maintain that amazing tradition of celebrating Halloween annually.

I try to invent some new and interesting ideas for this event every year. Things like designing the Halloween decorations, costumes and observing trick-or-treat customs create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in my home, uniting the entire family. Now I’m looking forward to the upcoming holiday and I will use the following ways to have a memorable celebration ever.

1. Family pumpkin carving

Undoubtedly, the pumpkin is the most popular symbol that represents Halloween all over the world. I remember that at school we had various contests of carving out perfectly round pumpkins and decorating them. We had a great time with my classmates and that creative activity gave us unforgettable feelings.

Nowadays it has become a fun family activity in my home on Halloween Eve. And this year it will be the first thing I’ll do with my loved ones. We usually have a pumpkin carving contest. That is a splendid way to welcome the holiday.

This Halloween I’m going to involve my little daughter in this kid-friendly activity. Certainly, she can’t carve out a pumpkin, but decorating it with colorful markers, sticks, yellow leaves, and even sweets will be right for her! Plus, making a few crazy characters with my family members will spread joy and delight in my home.

2. Decorate my house

When it comes to Halloween, the role of decorations is immense and it can’t be overestimated. I’ve found out that objects such as balloons, spider webs, black ribbons, and skeletons work perfectly well. Moreover, this fantastic holiday provides us a chance to decorate our houses with numerous autumn harvests, making an incredible setting for saying goodbye to the leaving autumn.

Pumpkin carvings are the major Halloween decorations that I will place in my home. When I was a child we lived with my parents in a big house and we always used carved pumpkins with lanterns outside for illumination. I think this year such decoration will bring the perfect spirit of Halloween into my house either. Moreover, some autumn plants and wreaths that I’m going to hang everywhere will add festivity to the event.

3. Throw a family party with spooky costumes

I’m convinced that throwing a theme party based on scary, hideous, and horrifying things is an excellent way to celebrate Halloween. That’s why I plan to invite our family friends and a few relatives in order to enjoy this Halloween night with them. Surely, I will prepare a horror room loaded with fake skeletons and dry ice for my guests to feel the terrifying atmosphere of the holiday. Halloween fun games, scary music, finger foods, and drinks will be essential at my party.

We can hardly imagine a Halloween party without interesting spooky costumes. There is a wide range of themed costumes and masks available at the shops, but they can be rather expensive. Instead of buying them, I will ask my guests to bring some material for the costumes and we’ll make unusual costumes together. Isn’t that a nice option to have fun and save money at the same time? By making extraordinary hairstyles and scary make-up we will add vividness to our characters.

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4. Have interesting Halloween games

Definitely, numerous games and contests are an indispensable part of every party and Halloween is no exception. Therefore, I will incorporate different games into the list of activities for the event. This way my guests and I will be able to enjoy each other’s company and feel all the traditions and spirits of this great holiday.

The games like Divination, Apple Bobbing, and scary storytelling are among my favorite ones as they assist me to spend the night in the true atmosphere of Halloween. In addition, I’m eager to go out with my family and friends on Halloween night, sit around a bonfire and share the most catching horror stories.

5. Enjoy scary foods

If you have no idea about scary foods, I should say there are plenty of chocolates designed in the shape of skeletons, vampires, and other sweets that are so delicious despite their horrid look. This year I’d like to get some of these tasty things and present them to my friends and family. A big cake in the shape of a spider, which I ordered in advance, is going to be the main attraction of my festive table. All my guests are sure to jump in panic.

Halloween is a unique holiday that involves various ideas and ways of celebration. Like any other festival, it’s full of amusement, laughter, and delight. However, Halloween is a bit different as only this holiday enables us to see frightening monsters, mummies, and vampires everywhere. I hope that all the ideas that were mentioned above will help me to have a fabulous celebration with my loved ones.

Do you prefer to celebrate Halloween with your family or friends? What are the most interesting and unusual ideas that you are going to use for this event?