7 Helpful Ways to Deal with a Know-It-All Friend


Sometimes a friend who thinks she knows everything and always offers her unsolicited advice can get really overbearing, but with some ways to deal with a know-it-all you can easily cope with that friend. Know-it-all friend always seems demeaning and she often acts as if she is the best. If you have such a friend, here are a few tips on coping with a know-it-all friend.

1. Try to understand

There may be a reason why your know-it-all friend is the way she is. Maybe she has low self-esteem or she is not happy in her life.

Try to understand her and understand why she acts the way that she does. This tip is very important, especially if the know-it-all is your best friend!

2. Give her a little attention

Giving a little attention is one of the best ways to deal with a know-it-all friend. Show some enthusiasm about what the know-it-all says to give her enough attention. However, make sure you don’t overdo it, since this will result in a bigger ego and can lead to her giving more unsolicited advice.

3. Turn the tables

When a know-it-all friend begins sharing unsolicited advice or she begins going on and on about something she’s certainly wrong about, turn the tables! Correct her and give references to back yourself up. Or, start spewing out advice to her before she even starts speaking.

4. Don’t take her comments personally

Often the know-it-all friend can say some not-so-nice things, and these things are usually about you. Instead of thinking that something is not okay with you, never take her comments and advices personally. Because if you do, you may really begin to develop a complex and it’s not good for you!

5. Talk to her

If you are sick and tired of all those unsolicited advices, come right out with it! Speak politely and don’t insult her. Try to find the good time to talk to her.

You need to know what you’re going to say and be sure to use only kind words. Tell your know-it-all friend how it makes you feel and maybe she will respond well.

6. Ignore her

If giving some attention and talking to her frankly are useless, you just have to ignore her at times. If the know-it-all keeps going on and on, feel free to ignore her.

You can continue talking to other friends and do not pay attention to what she says. Hopefully, she will take the hint!

7. Avoid her

Sadly to say, but sometimes the best way to cope with a know-it-all friend is to avoid her. Try to avoid those places where you think she’ll be and don’t invite her out.

I know it seems cruel to avoid your friend, but you should also keep your sanity. Sure, there’s nothing good and fun about spending time with a friend who doesn’t let you say a word and acts like she is better than you, but it all depends on circumstances.

How do you deal with a know-it-all friend? Please share your tips with us!