10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween Alone


Even if you don’t have a group of friends to celebrate Halloween with, you don’t have to let this scary, spooky holiday pass by unnoticed. Instead of ignoring All Hallows’ Eve because you’re alone, plan a fun-filled day and evening for yourself and enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

If your schedule is always packed with meetings, projects, chores, speaking commitments and cooking, Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to spend some me time and do things you couldn’t do because of your job. Check out a few fun ways to celebrate Halloween alone this year.

1. Dress-up

Even when you’re an adult, there’s no reason you can’t dress up in a fun or scary costume. If your employer allows workers to wear their costumes to work on Halloween, by all means dress up in a one-of-a-kind outfit.

Choose a costume that expresses your personality. Consider dressing up as a swashbuckling pirate, a sexy maid, a scary witch or a famous character from history.

If you’re going to spend the whole holiday at home, consider wearing some creepy costume too. It sounds crazy, but who cares?

2. Hand out candy

If you’re feeling lonely because you’re celebrating Halloween solo, turn on your porch light to let trick-or-treaters know that you’re home and handing out candy. Fill a couple of large bowls with candy you’ve picked up for the occasion.

Hand out the candy and exclaim over all the little ghosts, ghouls and goblins who show up at your door. Besides, it’s a great reason to wear your Halloween costume. You don’t want little monsters to see you in pajama, do you?

3. Plan a getaway

When you don’t want to be stuck in the house on Halloween, plan a short getaway that takes you away from home and lands you in a haunted destination. Consider a trip to Salem, Massachusetts where the famous witch trials were held, the voodoo-saturated city of New Orleans, Louisiana or the Deep South where centuries-old plantations abound. If you don’t want to hear about Halloween at all, consider visiting countries that don’t have this holiday on their calendar.

4. Pen a scary story

Use your alone time on Halloween to pen a scary story. Whether you have natural writing talent or not, enjoy the creative process. Include people you know in your story or a cast of imaginary characters you’ve created yourself.

Place them in a scary situation and let the story emerge. Alone time allows us to discover our hidden talents. Who knows, maybe you are not worse than L.J. Smith?

5. Curl up with a book

If you have a difficulty finding time to read, use your alone time on Halloween to read something scary. Choose a non-fiction work of real-life ghost stories, a Stephen King novel or an old-fashioned Gothic romance novel.

Turn the lights down low and remember to lock the doors before you start reading. You may be too scared to move once you’re immersed in the story.

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6. Watch scary movies

When you love watching horror movies, Halloween presents ample opportunities to check out old favorites and new possibilities. If horror movies are too graphic for you, choose movies with a spooky theme like Arsenic and Old Lace, Hocus Pocus, The Stepford Wives or The Good Witch.

The best of it is that no one will prevent you from enjoying your favorite movies to the fullest. Grab some Halloween treats to boost your spirit.

7. Carve a pumpkin

Whether you’ve always carved pumpkins for Halloween or have never made a jack-o-lantern before, now that you’re alone, you can create a carved pumpkin that’s a real work of art. Ensure that you have newspapers to spread over your workspace, a sharp carving knife and a big orange pumpkin. When you’re done, light and place a candle inside the pumpkin to create an eerie glow.

8. Visit a psychic

When you really want to connect with someone from the great beyond, schedule an appointment for a psychic reading. Ask for recommendations from friends who have experience in this area when you’re not sure where to find a reputable reader.

Compose a list of questions you’d like to ask her about your past, present or future. Even though you won’t hear any truth, it’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween without moaning about loneliness.

9. Break out the tarot cards

If you don’t want to spend money on a psychic, you can become your own foreteller. Buy a deck of Tarot cards and a book that tells you how to interpret them.

Study the images on the cards and familiarize yourself with their meanings. The pictures on the cards provide you with clues as to their meanings and the book will provide you with layouts that allow you to do your own readings.

10. Enjoy a fire

There’s nothing that says autumn like a crackling fire. Build a fire in the fireplace or in an outdoor fire pit, depending on which you have access to.

Pull on a cozy sweater and settle yourself in front of the blaze where you can watch the flames flash and flicker while your mind wanders. Hot chocolate and homemade cookies will make your evening more relaxing.

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Contrary to a popular belief, Halloween doesn’t have to be a group holiday. There are plenty of solitary ways to enjoy yourself and make sure that your Halloween is meaningful and fun.

Not celebrating Halloween is a way out too. There’s nothing wrong in changing your holiday traditions. Do whatever makes you happy.

Have you ever celebrated Halloween alone? How did you celebrate it?