10 Family-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas


Popular movies have inspired a range of cool family-friendly Halloween costumes. From adults to kids, there are quite a few ideas for a sizzling outfit to rock this year.

You can draw your own inspiration from this list or just pick a movie or book that you personally enjoy. Your little monsters can inspire to create your own Halloween costumes together.

Not only will you spend quality family time, you will also save on expensive costumes that are not worth your money. This year Halloween is all about fun and creepy costumes – whether you purchase or make them. If you’re curious to find out what to wear this Halloween, keep on reading.

1. Superheroes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Batman fan, more of a Thor person or just want to be Superman when you grow up. All superheroes are pretty popular and you can find the costumes just about anywhere.

You may even have one leftover from last year. There’s something fantastic in rocking this old-new costume trend, especially when you have more than two kids. Just imagine having a big family of cute yet brave superheroes.