7 Tips for Choosing Healthy and Tasty Cereal


No doubt a bowl of tasty cereal is the fastest and easiest breakfast, but without a good piece of advice for choosing cereal, it can be difficult to spend your money wisely. I always want to eat cereal, which contains vitamins and minerals and at the same time doesn’t tastes like a sugar cube.

It is not so easy to say the least, when you’re standing on the grocery store pass. There are at least 100 options! Use these tips for choosing cereal and you won’t need to stand there surprised.

1. Check the mineral and vitamin content

Having the daily consumption of necessary vitamins and minerals is important, you need to be sure that each meal contains a good amount of them, so you do not end your day in the red. When you choose your cereal, look for boxes that list 10 to 25 percent of nutrients like calcium, B vitamins and iron.

2. Look at the fiber content

Fiber is a nutrient that helps to control your cholesterol levels and plays a significant role in healthy digestion. Moreover, fiber helps to keep hunger at bay and fills you up.

It’s perfect when you’re trying to keep form or lose a couple of pounds. Look for a box of cereal, which has at least 3 grams of fiber per serving, but closer to 5 grams is better.

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3. Check how much sugar it contains

Too much sugar can lead to an insulin dependency, which can cause diabetes in future. You don’t want this, so it’s always a great idea to check the sugar content before you buy a box of cereal. I consider this the most significant of the many pieces of advice for picking up cereal.

Usually, you need to stay away from anything that contains more than 8 grams of sugar per serving. Try mixing your favorite with a lower sugar choice to keep your intake in order, if you like sweet cereal.

4. Make sure it tastes good

I never eat food, which doesn’t taste good only because it’s healthy. You shouldn’t do this as well.

Try out different cereals, but stop on the ones you enjoy eating, because you’ll just end wasting your money and throwing them out. Healthy does not have to taste bad, so, you’ll get all the benefits only if look for cereal you love!

5. Check the calorie information

Consuming more calories than you burn is a definite way to gain weight. That’s why it’s very necessary to read the calorie information in cereal when making a choice.

Your best are those, which have 200 or less calories per serving. In such a way you can enjoy a tasty bowl of cereal for breakfast or even a midnight snack without causing harm your health.

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6. Look for fat content

It’s really a nice idea to control your fat intake because too much leads to weight gain and heart disease. The perfect type of cereal should have no more than 3 grams of fat per serving. Remember, milk contains fat too, so this shouldn’t sound like much, but it keeps balance and provides you with a normal daily consumption.

7. Make sure it contains protein

Protein is essential for recovery after exercise muscle function. It also plays an important role in healthy skin, nails and hair.

Being sure your box of cereal has at least 2 grams of protein per serving is a perfect way to provide yourself with enough daily intake recommendations. I usually eat cereal as a healthy snack in the evening.

When do you eat cereal? How do you choose a healthy cereal? Share your tips with us!