10 Easy Ways to Create a Perfect Fitness Routine


You may find it difficult to create a perfect fitness routine, especially if you’ve never exercised before. However, it’s not that hard if you’re guided by some tips. An ideal fitness routine implies a wise and detailed plan of your workouts with different types of activities. Read on to learn 10 easy ways to develop your ideal fitness program.

1. Set goals

When planning your fitness routine, the most important thing to do is to set goals and stay motivated. People exercise for various reasons. Many people want to lose weight, while others want to tone up their body. If you haven’t exercised for a long time, remember to start with small steps and easy goals. Your goals should be achievable and realistic so that you stay inspired and motivated with your accomplishments. To begin with you should assess your fitness level and break your fitness routine into appropriate short-term, intermediate and long-term goals.

2. Create a plan

It’s always easier to stick to a program when it’s put down. When you come up with all the activities you want to include in your fitness routine, it’s time to arrange them. Decide what you are going to do each day during the week and don’t forget to devote one day to rest. Don’t start exercising with frantic pace; it’s crucial to develop your endurance and strength gradually. As you progress, don’t forget to refresh and alter your fitness program.

3. Make your fitness routine fun

Making your fitness routine fun is the sure way to gain great results. Being involved in workouts with your kids, friends or co-workers may become something you will look forward to. Encourage your neighbors to join a local soccer team. Outdoor trainings in the fresh air and sunshine will promote your cheerful mood.

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4. Choose the appropriate sports gear

Right fitness clothing is essential when you want to start a new fitness routine. Remember that fitness gear is not about looking good; your clothing should correspond to your workouts, be comfortable and fit well. Pay attention to your bra; your bust contains no muscle tissue thus it needs an additional support during your trainings. Sports shoes are another thing you should choose wisely. A good pair of running shoes should have solid soles, fit perfectly and conform to your workouts. Ask an assistant at a fitness shop to help you with your sports gear.

5. Cardio is the best start

While developing a fitness program you should pay special attention to your heart health. Cardio is the best way to improve your cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure and strengthen your immunity. 30 to 40 minutes of cardio four times a week will be enough to be in good shape. Opt for any continuous and rhythmic activity such as swimming, dancing, brisk walking or running.

6. Consider calisthenics

Vary your fitness program and keep your muscles toned by adding two or three sessions of calisthenics per week. Calisthenics require no equipment and it’s available everywhere at any time. Calisthenics will help you achieve a natural looking body and build up all muscle groups evenly. Opt for crunches, push-ups, lunges or just a jumping rope.

7. Add weights

Most women believe that weight training will result in ugly, bulging muscles; therefore they avoid this type of exercise. But weight trainings are the best way to work all main muscle groups including legs, buttocks, arms and core. Start with two or three 20 minute weight trainings a week but make sure you use light weights. Weight trainings are rather traumatic when done improperly. Thus you’ll need a fitness specialist to work with in order to avoid sprains, fractures and strains.

8. Non-weight-bearing trainings

Everything that is done sitting is considered non-weight-bearing exercises. This type of physical activities is especially beneficial to those who strive for upper-body trainings since non-weight-bearing exercises don’t imply the work of legs during the trainings. Seated strength exercises, swimming, biking and water resistance trainings are perfect options to add to your fitness program.

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9. Give weight-bearing exercise a try

Adding weight-bearing exercises to your fitness routine is the best way to build strong bones and sculptured body. Using resistance bands, lifting dumbbells or doing any type of activity that places force on your bones will go. Working with your own weight is also a good way to build muscles and strengthen your bones. That’s why don’t overlook stair climbing and lifting your grocery bags.

10. Yoga time

Not only will yoga help you gain flexibility and toned muscles, it will also improve your sleep and relieve stress. The most important rule to follow is to do yoga regularly. 20 minute yoga sessions will help to achieve an excellent result if done daily. Surprisingly, but yoga also helps to burn calories, especially when it follows the weight trainings.

A detailed and efficient fitness plan is a pledge of your success. Follow these useful tips and develop a fitness program that wholly suits your goals. Make your fitness routine fun and always stay motivated and enthusiastic about your exercises!