Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Unclutter Your Life Today


Living a fast life often leaves no time to make a pause and put your life in order. Sooner or later you find out that you’re overwhelmed with tasks, you have no time for your personal life and you just can’t cope with anything. A few years ago I experienced exactly the same situation. I felt like my life was full of unnecessary stuff, which prevented me from focusing on something really important. I just seemed to lose control over my life. If you feel the same, it’s time to simplify your life. The earlier you start doing it, the earlier you feel happy and content. Changing your habits and way of life isn’t so hard if you know some tips and tricks. Read on to find out efficient ways to unclutter your life.

1. Start with your home

Indeed, if you want to unclutter your life you should start with something simpler, for example your home. The way you arrange your routines or household items reflects how organized you’re. No wonder you feel distracted if you live in a messy house. I didn’t believe it, but creating order in your house can create order in your mind. Devote a weekend to unclutter your rooms, closet, kitchen. Clean everything thoroughly and throw out old, unnecessary and broken things that just clutter your dwelling. If you work from home, organizing your desk is of critical importance. You should get rid of unnecessary programs and files on your computer as well. When you finish with your home, you can move on to more complicated things.

2. Accomplish what is undone

You might not notice that, but every task that you put off gradually develop into a huge pile of undone things. Even if you don’t think about them, the feeling that something should be accomplished drains your energy and strength. To call a classmate, start learning a new language daily, buy a gym membership…the list may be endless and it depends only on your imagination. Unless you carry out all the undone tasks you will feel overwhelmed and helpless. Try to list everything you should do and make a point of fulfilling at least several tasks a day. It requires a lot of courage, but when you finish with the last point from the list you will definitely breathe easier.

3. Reconsider your friends list

Your surrounding has major effect on your well-being, mindset and behavior. While some friends encourage you to be a better person, there are many toxic people who undermine your self-esteem and just waste your time. Keep your friends list simple. Delete phone numbers of people you don’t communicate with, limit your appointments and maintain relationship only with those who make you feel comfortable. Understand that you owe people nothing. And you shouldn’t feel guilty just because you don’t want to get along with someone. Don’t forget to check your friends list on Facebook either. I bet you hardly know the half of the people. Trimming your friends list will greatly help you to unclutter your life.

4. Find out your ultimate goal

If you live without a sense of purpose you risk wasting your time on utterly wrong things. Sure, you cannot create a detailed plan of your life for many years ahead. But if you really want to unclutter your life, you do need a blueprint. Learn to set goals and see your destination. This way, you’ll scarcely lose the direction or get lost in your life. Having an ultimate goal makes you get up earlier with determination and work hard each day. It’s the source of motivation and inspiration. Moreover, if you know your priorities you won’t spend time on useless things and have more time to concentrate on reaching your goal.

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5. Learn to be self-disciplined and organized

It’s really problematic for most people, and I was no exception. Nobody has more than 24 hours a day, but the fact is that some people manage to do a lot during this time, while others cannot get done anything. I always lacked a sense of discipline and it took me lots of time and efforts to develop this feature. First of all, you should start planning your week on Sunday evening. Develop a habit to wake up and go to bed at the same time every single day. Organize your household chores and you’ll see how simple the life can be. Don’t think that being organized is boring. You can always alter your plans and carve out time for something else. Being organized just means you take control over your time and life.

6. Consider taking a break

If you cannot push forward, consider taking a short break to think over your life. Sometimes people feel overwhelmed because they do the wrong job or maintain a toxic relationship. You need some time to realize it. A short break will help you look at your life from another perspective and see everything that you should change. Perhaps, you just need to get enough sleep and restore your energy. Chances are that you return an absolutely different person with a wealth of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. After a break you’ll find it easier to unclutter your life and keep it simple.

7. Learn to ignore

People constantly live a stressful life and they desperately try to eliminate stress factors. In fact you’ll never eliminate stressors from your life no matter how hard you try. You should just change your attitude. In other words, you should learn to ignore a great deal of things in your life to feel happy and satisfied. People often worry about situations that they cannot control, which also makes them feel overwhelmed. You should understand what is really important to you and what can be neglected. Life is simpler than you may think.

Uncluttering your life is a great challenge that requires a lot of time and efforts. But when you manage to put your life in order, you should do your best not to slack off. Once you develop a system, stick to it and enjoy yourself. Make use of these tips to achieve peace of mind and create a more enjoyable life. If you have any other tips, share them with me, please.