Things That Will Help You Realize You’re Absolutely Beautiful


All women are extremely concerned about their appearance and do everything possible to stay beautiful and attractive. Very often when I look in the mirror, there’s something I don’t like about myself. For example, my skin is not perfectly smooth, my hair is not as sleek as that I see in commercials or I’m not as slim as a top model. But I understand that real beauty is far beyond these small things.

What does it actually mean to be beautiful? I’m deeply convinced there’s no such notion as “absolute beauty” since every woman is unique and has lots of gorgeous things that make her different and amazing. If you are charming from inside, you’ll definitely attract everybody’s attention even without make-up. Each of us possesses certain traits which prove our beauty and allure. I’m sure that my behavior, habits, the way I dress and move make me special. If you have doubts about your appearance, the following things will help you realize you’re absolutely beautiful.

1. Your smile

Do you know that your smile has a magical power? A warm and frank smile on your face will always arouse admiration and kindness around you. Nobody will like your pretty face if you are furious and discontent. Have you ever noticed that people’s eyes sparkle with joy and happiness when they smile? Only those who are happy can look charming, so, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to share your fantastic smile with others. Keep in mind that your smile must be natural, otherwise it will never impress people who surround you. That’s why I try not to resist my emotions and smile whenever I feel like that.

2. Your eyes

We often hear that eyes are the mirror of our soul and I completely agree with this statement. Whether you are happy, sad or in love, your eyes will obviously show your emotional state to others. Eyes are the basic element of our attractiveness and beauty. When we are cheerful, satisfied and sincere, there is no need to say any words as everybody will understand our real feelings while looking in our eyes.

I can easily hide my puffy eyes after sleepless night with eye shadow and mascara, however it’s impossible to conceal my anger or sadness. In order to look beautiful my eyes should constantly radiate happiness, optimism and confidence. My husband always tells me that my eyes were the main reason he realized I was the woman of his life.

3. Good manners

I know exactly that ladylike behavior and good manners are the major things I should work at to look magnificent and be in the limelight. Thus I make efforts to control my behavior in every situation. Last month I went to my friend’s birthday party where I saw a girl who was incredibly pretty and graceful. But my admiration finished when she opened her mouth and started speaking. At that moment I understood that our manners make a big difference. I’ve noticed that by demonstrating politeness I manage to capture people’s attention and they willingly communicate with me. All my friends are well-mannered personalities and I feel comfortable and proud in their presence. It has been proven that men tend to behave like gentlemen with true ladies. Don’t forget your good manners are the best sign of your beauty!

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4. Your confidence

Confidence is an essential quality that makes women lovely and bewitching. Being self-confident is rather challenging for some of us, but it’s worth trying. I can’t say I’m an absolutely confident person, though I do my best to cultivate this trait of my character because it enables me to show my best sides to others. It’s wonderful to be sure you are good at something. If you are aware of your greatness and exude confidence, everybody will like and appreciate you. We all have certain flaws and if you endeavor to be who you are and feel confident in your imperfection, you are truly a beautiful person.

5. Your love

Beauty and love are highly interconnected. The power of love is immense and it may work wonders. People whose heart is full of love are enormously appealing as they share their happiness and affection with others. When I first met my husband and fell in love with him, something interesting happened to me. This great feeling inspired me for success, I always wanted to do good things for my family and friends. Moreover, I began to pay much attention to my appearance, wearing stylish clothes and using make-up that helped me look stunning. Don’t be afraid to fall in love and everybody will be fascinated with your beautiful and happy eyes.

6. The way you dress

It’s quite natural that most women are focused on their clothing and the way they look. When it comes to choosing new garments, I’m extremely picky as I want to buy something that is fashionable and suits me perfectly. When I wear clothes I’m confident about, my self-esteem is growing up and I can impress everyone. No matter whether you are thin or stout, it’s possible to find clothing that will emphasize your beauty and hide all the defects of your body. So, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are wearing what really suits you. If so, you can be sure you’re absolutely beautiful.

When speaking about beauty we should bear in mind that it’s not just about face and body, there’s something more meaningful that comes from the inside and reveals our inner world. Being positive, confident, kind and happy make us absolutely beautiful. Try to concentrate on your personal qualities instead of feeling ashamed about your appearance. I hope these things helped you realize how beautiful you are. Are there any other traits that prove your beauty?