7 Fashion Tips for an Hourglass Figure


If you happen to have an hourglass figure, you should feel really proud, because a lot of women around you may be very envious of you. A woman with this kind of a body can carry off almost everything well. One of the best things about having an hourglass figure is that regardless of your weight, you have the right proportion, and can pull off any style very easily. Check out a few fashion tips for an hourglass figure, which will make you look fabulous.

1. Stay away from loose fabrics

If you have an hourglass figure you should stay away from any kind of dressing material that doesn’t compliment your natural silhouette and gives loose outer shape. Wear outfits that are structured around your natural shape of your body.

2. Flaunt your waist

Invest in some statement belts and flaunt off your waist! Since your body is in a perfect shape, you can choose from a great variety of bottoms to settle on your low-waist, mid-waist or high-waist really well. Even your hips and bust will look appealing.

3. Opt for vertical prints and V-necks

Since you have a good figure, but you want to make yourself look taller, choose V-necks and vertical prints, which make your torso appear longer by showing off your collarbone.

4. Wear pencil skirts

If you have an hourglass figure, then pencil skirts are right for you because they really hug your silhouette. They settle well on your waist and make your hips look fabulous. Not all women can pull off pencil skirts, so you should be very proud of your own body shape.

5. Choose tops with details

When buying tops, choose tops with some embellishments on the bust, the sleeves or the shoulders to divert attention to your upper body. Those details will add some volume as well as will make your waist seem thinner.

6. Wear shorts

One of the best parts about your figure is that you do not have to feel self-conscious about wearing different shorts. I usually wear a mid-waist short with a beautiful body fitted top that makes me look really hot and trendy!

7. Get body shapers

Get a good body shaper and your body will look neat and toned in most well-fitted dresses. Body shapers are especially perfect for wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, and some other dresses. Don’t worry, body shapers won’t add any additional shape or weight. They will just enhance your figure.

Don’t be afraid to try new styles and colors! Mix and match your clothing to create your own personal style. Dress nicely and always feel good about your body! Are you happy with your body? Do you have any fashion tips for an hourglass figure? Share your thoughts, please!