7 Best Eyeshadow Shades for Brown Eyes


If you have brown eyes, you should definitely read the list of the best eyeshadow shades for brown eyes. They will not only enhance your eyes, but bring out an absolutely new you! So, without further ado, here is the list of 7 amazing eyeshadow shades for brown eyes.

1. Green

This is one of my favorite colors! I actually like using greens and browns. I think they wonderfully complement one another.

Use a little of each color and your eyes will be very beautiful. Just gently swipe brown across your lid, and use a bit of green in the crease. It will give your eyes an eye-catching glimmer of color.

2. Blues

Cobalt blue, electric blue, dark blue, and any blue are great eyeshadow shades for brown eyes. The thing is that blue brings out the warmness of the brown eyes and certainly make them pop. A generous swipe of blue across the lid with a subtle use of eyeliner and mascara will certainly enhance and bring out your brown eyes.

3. Copper

A deep copper highlights brown eyes and gives them a natural shimmer and brown glimmer. However, keep in mind that eyeshadows are used to enhance the natural beauty, so don’t overdo it! Layer it on with a light hand; it is much easier to add than to take it off and start again.

4. Gold

Using too much gold can be an eyesore, so make sure you use a bit of it. You can mix and contrast the gold with green in order to give it a goldish green hue. Gold highlights the natural brown, green gives it depth.

5. Purple

Purple is perfect for brown/hazel eyes. Deep purple and eggplant purple bring out gold hues in the brown eyes with the hazel flecks. I love to contrast a light purple with a dark purple to give my brown eyes depth and make them look bigger.

6. Silver and black

Go with black and silver to give your brown eyes a smokey look! Black, silver and a little white can make any eye color classy and amazingly beautiful!

But don’t overdo with silver – less makeup the better. If you don’t like silver and black, try the silver with another of the colors I have mentioned, except copper and gold.

7. Taupe

If you want to go natural, think of using taupe. Taupe will give your eyes a natural glow that emphasizes and lightens the brown hues in your eyes.

Using it with a little mascara will certainly make natural look awesome! In fact, taupe works for any eye color, but I especially like it with brown.

Do you have any eyeshadow shades for brown eyes not mentioned on this list? Please, let us know your colors and technique; it’s always wonderful to hear what our readers have learned and used.