8 Reasons It’s Wonderful to Have More Than 3 Kids


A friend of mine is a mom of three and she’s pregnant with her fourth child. But many people are surprised or even shocked to know that she’s going to have the fourth baby, while they have one child or no children at all. I was thinking about the reasons why people are afraid to have three and more kids.

Instead, I’ve come up with ideas why it’s wonderful to have many children. Indeed, having many kids is rather stressful and testing, but it offers undeniable benefits and advantages.

Most parents claim that the transition to the third and the fourth child is the easiest one, when you already have kids. If you still hesitate to have more than three children, keep reading to find out the reasons why it’s amazing to have many kids.

1. Children help you feel young

Having a baby after 35 is a common thing these days. But when it’s the third or the fourth baby, you will definitely feel younger. Scientists have proved that parents who have more children tend to live longer than those who have one child or are childfree.

Being busy with your little ones in your 30s and 40s is a good way to forget about your age. Children change your perception of the world and time. As a result you feel happier and younger.

2. You will never regret having a big family

My granny often says ‘I wish I’d had more children and a big family’. My grandmother grew up in hard times and she couldn’t have many children. Having many kids is challenging both emotionally and financially and you are always afraid to fail as a parent.

Many parents believe that having four children is an impracticable task. But when you learn to cope with two kids, it’s not that difficult to manage three and more. Nothing is better that a house full of happy laughter and noise where you never feel alone!

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3. Children amuse each other

I grew up with two sisters and a brother and we had the happiest childhood ever. Due to a little age difference between us, we were never bored with each other. When children grow up in a big family they are provided with entertainment and great social communication from birth.

You will always have a good company to make any game more interesting and gripping. Moreover, brothers and sisters almost always become closest friends who help and support each other throughout life.

4. When you get older, you’ll have more support

If you are having a bad day, be sure to have plenty of comforting hugs and kisses to cheer you up. When you have more children, you receive more love and more help.

I’m by no means going to say that we should welcome children for the sake of support and help. But you always have plenty of hands to help you with laundry, household chores and purchasing. Your kids will always stand for each other in case of trouble or crisis.

5. Your children will be more sympathetic and generous

Sure, being selfish doesn’t always depend on the number of brothers and sisters you grew up with. Selfishness is an innate child’s characteristic.

Moreover, growing up in a big family often implies certain competition for parents’ attention or presents. But growing up in a big family certainly influences the child’s behavior positively. Children learn to share and sympathize when they know they aren’t the only one.

6. Big family helps build character and responsibility

While parents are busy with their jobs or household duties, older children are often in charge of smaller ones. They learn to look after and be responsible for their siblings; as a result they grow up more disciplined, reliable and trustworthy.

From my own experience I can say that living in a big family is almost always crazy, noisy and chaotic. But when children learn to live and thrive in such conditions, they build a strong character and confidence.

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7. Growing up in a big family increases chances of becoming successful in life

Numerous studies show that children from large families are less likely to divorce in comparison with children who grew up alone. The fact is that children, who grew up with siblings, have better negotiation skills.

They are prepared to deal with conflicts and take other people’s opinion. Sure, growing up with three brothers and two sisters cannot guarantee that your child will have a perfect family life. But it multiplies their chances of living a happy life.

8. Children make you utterly happy

Children are the biggest joy and happiness that two loving people can receive from their relationship. Even though children always require a personal sacrifice and total commitment, you’ll find blessing in their smiles and hugs and trusting eyes.

Having a big family is beneficial to both parents and children since all the members learn to support each other, share things and reach a compromise. The decision to have the third or the fourth child is critical and highly important.

But if you make up your mind to have another child, toss aside your fears and doubts. It’s up to you to make your big family as loving and solid as you can.

Are you going to have a big family?