8 Signs He Is Just Using You


It’s not difficult to know when he is using you for sex, for your money, or even for a place to crash, but many women do get blinded because of their love. Just because you’re in love with a guy doesn’t necessarily mean that he is also in love with you.

When he is using you, it means that your relationship is abusive and not conducive. So if you have a feeling that he is just using you, here are a few signs to look out for.

1. He doesn’t take your feelings into account

If your boyfriend never takes your feelings into consideration and he doesn’t even think about how his actions actually affect you, it’s one of the warning signs your boyfriend is just using you!

2. You pay for every date

Although a man is supposed to pay for dinner, you always find yourself paying for all the things when you and your partner go out. If it seems to be the case with your relationship, it’s surely one of the top signs your guy is just using you. And while it’s not so bad to split the bill, you shouldn’t pay for every date.

3. He never surprises you with anything

If you constantly buy your boyfriend things and he has never surprised you with anything, it’s time to have a serious talk with him. After all, why should you buy him everything, shouldn’t he buy you at least one thing sometimes?

4. He is financially dependent on you

Men who are financially dependent on their women annoy me the most! They are just using women for their money, and they don’t even know what love is. So if your guy expects you to pay for everything, and he always asks to borrow money, and then never gives it back, this is a warning sign he is just using you and you shouldn’t stand for it, girls!

5. You are his convenience

In a mature relationship, everything should be even. And if you are constantly finding yourself at your partner’s convenience for an allowance or for a ride, it means that your relationship is abusive. Remember you should never be his convenience.

6. He is not available unless he needs something from you

Do you constantly find that he is available only when he needs something from you? Sure, this is a sign he is just using you. After all, don’t you want a man who’s going to be available when you need him, not only when he needs you?

7. He is constantly blaming you for everything

If he constantly blaming you for the things that go wrong in his life and he often says that it’s your fault that he doesn’t have a job, don’t listen to him! He just wants you to give him your money. Don’t stand for it and break up with him!

8. He doesn’t take into account your needs

A guy who is using a girl never takes into account her needs. He doesn’t need you for anything but things that he needs. And he doesn’t take any of your needs into consideration when he makes decisions.

When your boyfriend is just using you, ladies, it’s not a healthy relationship. Do you know any other signs he is using you? Share them, please!