10 Advices on How to Be Happier This New Year


Before New Year people around the world start worrying about numerous things, especially about their weight. Of course, maintaining and obtaining a healthy weight is significant, but there are many other important things that will help you to be happier this New Year. Here are 10 advices on how to be happier in the New Year.

1. Don’t think about past

The most important thing you should stop doing is thinking about the past. You know that now you absolutely can’t change anything, so stop thinking about it. Think about the present, make plans and you’ll be happier in the New Year.

2. Dump your frenemies

The New Year is a time to dump the negative people in your life. Just think, why you should spend your time and energy on frenemies when you have so many positive and loving friends. Dump your frenemies, move on and be happier in 2013.

3. Don’t be afraid to change yourself

If you don’t like to be petty and you want everyone to respect you, so don’t be afraid to change yourself. If you’re too jealous, then stop being jealous.

First of all, you should acknowledge what you don’t like and what you’d like to change. It’s one of the most effective ways to be happier in the New Year.

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4. Find things that make you wonderful

I’m sure most people know what they hate about themselves, and they know what things they want to change. But if you want to be happier you should also acknowledge the things that make you wonder. Love yourself, you’re the best!

5. Find time for meditation

It’s very important to find time for meditation and reflection this year. It’s another way to be happier in the New Year. It doesn’t mean that you should officially meditate, but try to take twenty or thirty minutes every day to clear your mind, without a cell phone, TV, friends, and kids running around.

6. Be thankful

It doesn’t matter how miserable your life may seem, but you should know that you have something, even if it is a small thing, to be thankful for. Try to concentrate on that, and make your thankfulness material.

Tell your parents, relatives, spouse, or kids that you love them and show how you appreciate them. If you get the idea – be thankful and be happier!

7. Exercise

Perhaps you think that regular exercise can make you only slimmer, but don’t you know that it can also help you be happier? Don’t know how? I’ll tell you. Regular exercise can help you not only to relieve stress but also to clear your mind and figure out how to solve some problems.

8. Spend time developing relationships

Any relationships take work — parenthood, marriages, or friendships. So this year try to spend time developing and maintaining these relationships, and you’ll feel better and be happier.

9. Get your finances in order

If you want to be happier in the New Year, you should get your finances in order. Don’t buy anything that you don’t need. Try to make calculations every day, and try to save money for something important.

10. Don’t think about future

It’s very important not to think about the far future, otherwise, you’ll end up stressing and disappointed. I think it’s not a surprise for you that there are many things, which can happen or change in a day, a week, or month.

That’s why planning out your life for the next two or three years is just a waste of time. Of course, we should have plans for the future but don’t plan anything that can change in the smallest period of time.

Following a few of these advices will help you be happier in the New Year, but if you want to be delightfully happy, try to follow all of them! Which of these advices will you try? Share your thoughts, please!