5 Reasons to Cut Down on Holiday Spending


For many people, a large part of the holidays involves giving gifts to others. But it’s possible and fine not to give any presents to family and friends and still enjoy the holidays. Have you ever thought about why we spend so much money on gifts?

If the job layoff or tough economy has taken its toll on your budget, it could be possible not to spend money on gifts. And if you think that it’s impossible, I’ve got for you a list of 5 reasons why you need to cut your holiday spending.

1. Celebrate people, but not things

For most Christians, Christmas is the first and foremost holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. However for other people, Christians and non-Christians, the holiday is about spending time with someone they love but not spending time shopping.

When you’re caught up in filling that huge present list, you forget the true meaning of the holidays. Try to focus on planning a potluck supper with family and friends. In this way, you’re spending less money and time on the act of present-giving.

2. Build up savings

Of course, you don’t have to be greedy for money to get through this holiday season, but you can build up some savings if you cut your holiday spending.

This season I suggest you save extra money and find some alternative ways to give presents so you have an emergency fund account for more important things, for example, you can spend money on improving your health. There’s nothing bad about taking care of your budget even during the holiday season.

3. Give homemade gifts

Bake up cookies and other sweet treats, or write a heartfelt letter, or use supplies and crafts that you have at home to make some beautiful homemade presents this holiday season. In this way, you will not only save some money but you also have a chance to give much more meaningful presents.

4. Be more eco-friendly

Do you know that each holiday season about 4 million tons of wrapping papers and gift bags make their way to the dump in the United States alone? This year be more eco-friendly and celebrate the holidays by reducing waste.

Even those extra boxes and packaging of holiday presents should be recycled or thrown into a dump. That’s why try not to buy those gift wrap papers, support the planet!

5. Give the gift of your time and talent

A present from the heart is a gift of your time and talent. Instead of spending lots of money on unwanted gifts, you can spend your time and sincere moments bonding with your family and close friends over these holidays. Don’t worry about what to buy for whom.

You can also share your talents and donate your time to nonprofit organizations. Make holiday baskets at a church for poor families, help out at the local food pantry, or find other effective ways to give charity without spending money.

These are all reasons why you need to cut your holiday spending. What do you think about these reasons? Share your thoughts, please!