7 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Memory


Looking for simple ways to boost your memory? Nowadays we should retain so much information that it’s not surprising that sometimes we find it rather difficult. When I forget something, it’s quite frustrating for me, which is why I decided to improve my memory and I’ve managed to do it. How? Follow my tips and start improving your memory right now.

1. Repeating

This tip will help you to remember names. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember names, especially when you meet lots of people at once. Just repeat their name when you talk to them.

Repeating names is not only about helping you to remember people. This is also one of the best ways to boost your memory.

2. Using word association

Using word association can also help you improve your memory. If you’ve already tried repeating and it didn’t help you, then try using word association. For instance, if you meet a nice girl who wears glasses, and her name is Sarah, think of Sarah’s Wonderful Glasses. It may sound silly, but it’s easier to remember.

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3. Remembering numbers

It’s great when you have a list of numbers on your phone, but why not remember all those numbers or at least some of them? After all, what will you do if you suddenly lose your phone? Sure, you must have a backup list, however, there are certain times when it’s better to have a number memorized.

4. Expanding words into phrases

Expanding a word into a phrase may seem a difficult way to boost your memory, but it’s very effective. I’ve always had problems remembering how to spell the word ‘cynic.’ I just expanded this word into the phrase ‘choose your next item carefully,’ and this helped me to remember the word.

5. Using acronyms

If some of the words begin with vowels, acronyms are a simple way of remembering a list. If you need to remember the products you should buy, use acronyms. For instance, you need to buy cheese, oranges, milk, bread, and salmon, you can use the acronym COMBS. I used this tip for my tests and even exams. It helped me a lot!

6. Eating certain foods

When you are trying to improve your memory, don’t forget to include foods such as seeds, nuts, whole grains, blueberries, blackcurrants, wild salmon, and other oily fish, tomatoes, sage, and broccoli in your diet. These foods are rich in the nutrients your brain needs to stay healthy.

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7. Playing games

When you play games, you work towards improving your brain function in general and remembering facts and details. Your brain needs exercise just as much as your body does, so make sure you give it a regular workout.

Do Sudoku, crosswords, and other puzzles. You can also play word games. Or, you can go ahead and learn another language.

Use these tips and you will always be able to recall the information you need. Even the worst memory can be trained to retain figures and facts. Do you know any ways to boost memory? Share them with us, please.