5 Tips for Saving Money during College


If you’re a college student, you know how important it is to spend wisely and save money. Unfortunately, many people fail to consider all of the ways they can cut costs during school. Here are some of the different ways you can save money during college.

1. Limit Partying

It’s fun to ring on the weekend with some beer and a good time. However, partying usually means spending a lot of money. If you go out to clubs and bars, the drinks are exorbitantly priced and you may even have to pay a lofty cover charge. It’s better to limit parties and celebrations to special occasions.

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2. Eat Out Less

Steer clear of restaurants if you can. They’re a huge financial hole that many college students throw their money into. While paying $10 for a meal might not seem that bad, it adds up when you do it regularly. Nearly anything found on a restaurant menu can be made at home for a fraction of the cost.

3. Build Good Credit

Have you received a credit card offer in the mail? If so, maybe you should consider applying. It’s never too soon to start building good credit for the future.

This can make it easier for you to buy a car or house and get low rates on loans. If you want to start your own business later, establishing good credit now will make it easier to get started.

4. Work on the Side

Is there a skill or hobby that you’re good at? Then you may want to explore the possibility of making money from it. Farmer’s markets, flea markets, and local festivals are excellent places to display your talents. The demand for locally produced, homemade, and artisan items has risen dramatically in recent years, making it a great way to pad your savings.

5. Pay Your Debts

If you accrue debt on your credit card, you should pay it off by the end of each month. Allowing debt to pile up is a common cause of financial hardship for many people. Credit card companies don’t like it either and may stick you with fees, penalties, and sky-high interest rates. If your interest rates are high enough, it may take you much longer to pay off the balance, possibly ruining your credit in the process.

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Spending smarter and saving money doesn’t mean you have to live a spartan lifestyle, but it does call for some restraint and careful planning. If you follow these tips, it will be that much easier for you to save some money during college.