7 Awesome College Theme Party Ideas


After attending a lot of parties with the same overdone themes, I start thinking about some unique and good college theme party ideas. Although a large number of great college party ideas, here are some of my favorites themes that let you show off your creativity and make you dress up.

1. Anything But Clothes Party

People should get dressed up but the catch is that they can’t wear real clothes. Your friends might want to drape themselves in a shower curtain or a duct tape dress. Anything goes until they aren’t wearing clothes.

2. Thrift Shop Party

At this party people wear the wackiest and weirdest clothes they bought at a thrift store. Anything from an ugly sweater from the ’80s, mismatching sneakers to a giant fur coat, there are no boundaries. It’s so interesting to see what crazy outfits people can come up with.

3. College Movie Party

This is a party where people come dressed up as character from their favorite movie about college. Your friends can be Anna Faris from “The House Bunny,” Robert Carradine from “Revenge of the Nerds,” or John Belushi from “Animal House.” You can even nominate the person who has the most creative costume for an award.

4. Stoplight Party

At Stoplight party, people should wear designated colors to tell whether they are single or in a relationship. Green means they are looking to hook up for the night, red means they are in a relationship, and yellow means they aren’t looking to hook up but want to flirt a little.

No matter what color people are wearing, their costume is a conversation starter at Stoplight party. Besides it saves everyone the trouble of flirting with someone who is already in a relationship.

5. Snow Pants or No Pants Party

It’s better to come to this party dressed ready to hit the slopes. If you are not, you should be ready to take off your pants.

The catch is that if you are not in snow pants, you are in no pants. I agree, this party theme is not for everybody, but if you have friends that you’re absolutely comfortable with, why not throw such party?

6. Seven Deadly Sins Party

At Seven Deadly Sins party you can completely show off your creativity in an eye-catching outfit. You can choose any of the Seven Deadly Sins (gluttony, lust, greed, wrath, sloth, pride, envy) and turn this into an outfit.

I love this party, because there is a great variety of what you can dress as. You can wear sweatpants and be sloth, or you can dress sexier and represent lust.

7. Rubik’s Cube Party

At this party, you should wear clothing in the colors found on a Rubik’s cube. Your outfit should be a different color.

As the night goes on, you should swap clothing with people who wear others colors till you have an outfit of one color. It is really interesting to see when your friends take off their socks and swap them for a T-shirt.

Would you like to throw one of these parties? Or, do you have some other awesome college party ideas? Share your thoughts, please!