7 Fantacular Ideas for a Friendsgiving Party


The Thanksgiving season is an occasion that allows you to grab a hold of your friend’s shoulder and tell them how grateful you are for their existence without them wondering if you are drunk. Yes, one of the best parts about the holiday of gratitude is that you can reciprocate kindness in a number of ways, and one of those methods is to host an epic Friendsgiving party.

What is Friendsgiving?

It is like Festivus but for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas (and instead of having its ties to Seinfeld, Friendsgiving is linked to the TV show Friends).

Friendsgiving is an evening sans family that is all fun and no headache equate to mother-in-laws and bizarre questions from cousins. There are no real guidelines, just a completely customizable evening with pals.

One thing, however, is concrete – that the people you spend this evening with are unrelated to you by blood but feel as close to you as siblings should.

7 ideas for a fun Friendsgiving party

Whether this year is your twentieth annual Friendsgiving celebration or your first, here are some ideas to make this year’s Friendsgiving party something truly special!


1. Potluck and cooking on-site

You can create the menu for your Friendsgiving party one of three ways. The first would be cooking everything alone, which is complete and utter madness.

So, instead of doing that, either make the party a potluck deal where everyone brings one or two already prepared food items and their own plates or advise everyone to arrive early to make the food together in your kitchen.

Now, this depends entirely on how much space you have, of course. A tiny kitchen is not ideal for making a humongous meal. This is also great for accommodating people who have special dietary restrictions.

2. Costumes

Did you all miss Halloween together? There is still a bit of autumn left, so why not invite your friends to don their finest autumnal attire, whether that is their old witch costume or the chunkiest sweater in their closet.

Another way to “costume,” is to have everyone wear a plain t-shirt. Buy some permanent fabric markers then schedule a time where everyone writes what they are thankful for in one another on these shirts. It will be a wonderful memento.

3. Signature drinks

You know that there are going to be drinking games unfolding, so make it a bit more stellar by crafting up “signature drinks” for each of your friends. Surely one of your pals has had some bartending experience, so enlist them to craft up these recipes (or even help you procure the ingredients).

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4. Go boho or beyond

There are a couple ways to make your Friendsgiving party laid back and unrefined. First, you can create a caravan feel by putting down blankets, mats, and pillows on the floor (especially when there might not be enough chairs for butts). Set up some candles, too. This will also make clean-up easier if everything is on the ground.

Of course, if it is warm enough where you are, you do not have to have this party indoors. Go outside. Build a buffet around a campfire and dine like the pilgrims and Indians did many, many moons ago. If your backyard is not big enough, check with friends, recreational parks, and campgrounds.

5. Dance party

Music is a make-it-or-break-it element to all parties. Prior to the party, ask everyone to make up mini playlists including music that makes them nostalgic. Perhaps this could be the music that made a friendship or brought two people together.

Play these tunes over dinner and maybe engage in some conversation about the bands and how music has changed. Just do not forget the present jams that everyone agrees upon.

6. Create crowns

Coloring and paper crafts are not just for children. Make flower crowns for the ladies or leafy crowns for the men (or whatever everyone wants).

Host a short scavenger hunt for the materials either indoors or outdoors, allowing people to pick how they want to customize their headgear. It is a fun way to break the ice and get people working together and talking.

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7. Truth or toast

Here is a drinking game to kick off the meal (or afterward). Usually, one person offers a prayer at Thanksgiving, right? Well, not all of your friends might be cool with this. Also, huge gatherings are a great way to make major life announcements.

Start off the dinner by spinning an empty bottle. Whoever it lands on has to choose between either “truth or toast.” Truth is saying something that has happened or will be happening to them, such as receiving a major promotion or getting married. Toast is offering kind words of thanks or a funny story about someone else around the table.

Everyone should get the chance to speak, so once the bottle lands on someone twice, the target bounces to the person to the left or right of where the end is pointing.

Friendsgiving is undoubtedly going to be much more entertaining and memorable than just any old family gathering for Thanksgiving, especially with these party ideas.

Remember, you should never host a Friendsgiving party alone. Nor should you do all the cleaning up; because the best part about Friendsgiving is when everyone comes together!