7 Perfect Wedding Color Combinations


Choosing wedding color combinations is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. A color scheme to your wedding will set the overall mood of the big day, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right wedding color scheme. Here is a list of 7 perfect wedding color combinations you may want to try.

1. Light brown and green

This color combination is especially perfect for a spring wedding. It will also go along perfectly with an outdoor wedding. You might want to make your centerpieces a vase filled with small leaves, branches, and white, green, and brown flowers.

2. Light pink and navy

Another wedding color combination to try is light pink and navy. This combination is a perfect balance between a light feminine color and a dark masculine color.

Either coral dresses with navy flowers or navy dresses with coral flowers will be a perfect look for bridesmaids. You can also have a centerpiece scheme with stripped patterns or a small polka dot.

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3. Sage and lavender

Sage and lavender is another perfect wedding color combination, especially for the late summer. It’ll give your wedding the garden-like feel and is also great for an outdoor wedding. Your wedding bouquet can include sage, white amaryllis flowers, and lilacs to incorporate your colors.

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4. Orange and red

Orange and red combination is especially perfect for a fall wedding, since it’ll go perfectly with the color of leaves during this season. Orange wedding dress will look gorgeous with a red and white bouquet that will provide a perfect contrast and will pop against your wedding dress. You can also use real red and orange leaves for your table decorations.

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5. Pink and maroon

Well, you might not even think about this wedding color combination, but pink and maroon combination is a really nice thing to try. Depending on which color you like more, you can emphasize either pink or maroon color and can offset the darker maroon with the more playful and lighter pink.

6. Rainbow colored wedding

If you want your wedding to stand apart from the others, a rainbow colored wedding might be something you want to try. It will add so many pops of color and will bring a bright aspect to your big day.

That means that bridesmaids should wear different colored dresses, and groomsmen should wear different colored ties. Plus, you can make each of your centerpieces a combination of different colors.

7. Black and white

Although the classic color combination of black and white might seem boring, there are many things you can do with these colors. You can have more white and less black. And if you want to have a more mysterious and elegant wedding, use more black color with some white accents.

With white and black combination you can have as much fun as with colorful combinations.

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What is your favorite wedding color combination? What do you think of these wedding color combinations? Share your thoughts, please.