9 Most Respectful Ways to Break Up with an Unwanted Friend


Sometimes, you and your friend’s life directions move in different ways, and you realize that you have to stop your friendship. It’s really hard to do, it’s like to break up yourself. I have some practice at this and I know how to do this without a lot of pain.

We have chosen different lifestyles and there is no reason to keep in touch. The hardest thing is to choose the way of breaking your “group”. I’m going to show you how I would like to do it, if I have one unwanted friendship again.

1. Give them the initiative

Once, when I felt that our friendship had already broken up, I didn’t just end it. I said all that I thought to my girlfriend and just relaxed. I know it sounds weird, but I became feel myself much better, because I don’t have to decide what to do.

2. The last great moment together

I want to warn you, this can help only in a peaceful way of breaking up. Remember what was your the last best moment together and just repeat it.

If you go in the different ways, you will be glad to remind each other how it was great to be together, before you say goodbye. That’s really great idea, because you remember your friend only like a good person and vice versa.

3. Explain the reasons

Just keep calm and tell each other what is going on. It will make you free of these nervous thoughts and also if you will be really grateful for the honest, you will change in the best way.

Sometimes all you need is to sit and talk about everything. Don’t keep it in yourself, be honest with your close friend. The way “face-to-face” will be a very good end of the friendship.

4. Write him or her

It’s really hard to do it ‘face-to-face” and sometimes you need to use something like a letter. It can be a usual paper letter or a long message in a social network.

Don’t use general services to say these private things, instead try to do it on e-mail or something like this. We don’t want to show everybody our feelings, it only for you two.

5. It’s a private deal

Don’t tell about your wish anybody. It’s not fair to talk about it with another person, even friends, at least you will decide this situation together.

I knew one girl, who knew about her friend’s desire from their mutual friends. I think it is horrible and I don’t even know what she felt. Don’t repeat this mistake, keep it private.

6. Close all contact ways

When you feel that your friend doesn’t want to do it peacefully, you have to close all contact ways. She or he can start writing bad comments under your photos in some social services and etc.

I know that you may ignore it. But if know that these actions will make you doing bad things in reply, be sure to block her or him.

Let yourself feel free of any negative emotions, just block her/him numbers in your phone, or e-mail in your post services. Just wait a little bit, he or she will calm down and you will be free for keeps.

7. Let them tell you their points of view

Don’t do it without any explaining. If your friend doesn’t want to talk with you and you really don’t know why, don’t ignore it, just ask her or him.

Let them tell you all their thoughts. Maybe you both understand that this is absolutely right to break up.

Ask your friend, maybe she still thinks that your friendship can be reborn and if you absolutely aren’t agree with this position, tell her why. Don’t do it on the sly, if you understand that she has something to say too.

8. Don’t break it at once

Sometimes you both just need to have some rest. You can take something kinda vacation and use this time to understand, you want to back your friendship or you don’t.

Once we did this trick with my girlfriend and we realize that we were not ready to stop our relations. You will understand how to live without this person and what you really feel.

9. Forgive each other

I know that you probably have a lot of arguments and issues, but just stop fight! If you both understand that your friendship goes to the end, just relax and forgive each other. It’s really hard, I agree, but it will be the best choice!

You can’t change something that has already happened, so you need to let it free. There are a lot of good moments in your both life, just thanks each other for them and break it up without any debates. This is the end, don’t do it harder.

Friendship is also really hard type of relations, because you are individuals anyway. And if you see that you can’t be together, you can either fight for it or just leave it. Both variants are not easy, you just need to decide what you really want.

So, what about you? Have you ever been at the same situation? How have you solved it? Tell me in the comments below.