10 Beauty Secrets Teen Girls Should Know


Teen girls are learning all about taking care of themselves and enhancing their natural beauty. The following techniques are some essential secrets that a teen girl can use now and in the future as part of her beauty regimen. Take time to explore these secrets as they are likely to come in handy when you want to get pretty!

1. Wash your face

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of washing your face every day and always removing your makeup. Never go to sleep with your makeup on, for instance, and remove it as soon as you come home in the evening in order to let your skin breathe.

A gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin is a good idea. If your skin is oily, you may wish to use a product designed for your skin type.

2. Don’t share makeup

This can be a tough one for teens, but it is important advice. After all, how good will you look when you contract your best friend’s pink eye because you used her eye liner?

Makeup contains bacteria that multiplies over time, so discard products once they expire as the built up bacteria can lead to problems like infections. Be sure to use only your products however tempting your friend’s bubble gum pink lip gloss appears.

3. Go natural

From makeup to deodorant, choose natural and safe products whenever you can. The fewer toxins you introduce to your body, the fewer your body must cope with.

As toxins build up, you may notice more frequent breakouts and may even feel sluggish. Don’t allow toxins the chance to build up in your body. Instead, use products that contain natural ingredients whenever you can find them.

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4. Love that water

Not only is it essential to keep you hydrated, it’s important to understand all the benefits that water offers. For instance, a hot bath and some Epsom salts is a great way to alleviate sore muscles after a big game. Such baths can also alleviate stress; try one the night before a test and see how it leaves your mind and skin feeling rejuvenated.

5. Dress to flatter your figure

Clothing is important to teens and is often reflective of their style. Whatever that style happens to be, choose clothes that flatter your figure.

You don’t need to ‘mask’ areas or show more skin than may be appropriate, but if you dress in a manner that enhances your beauty with timeless appeal, you’ll be able to go anywhere looking like you have already mastered one of the cardinal beauty secrets.

6. Clean hair

While you can actually over-clean your hair, you’ll want to make sure that you wash it a few times a week. Washing too much can strip your hair of its essential oils that help protect it.

You’ll dry your hair out if you wash it every day. On the other hand, letting your hair to get greasy can lead to some serious itching and even cause breakouts on your forehead.

7. Take care of your nails

You don’t have to visit the salon to have great looking nails. Learn to file your nails and keep them looking great by removing old polish when it begins to chip away and applying new polish.

You can simply use a clear coat to add strength and shine to your nails. Dipping them in a lemon periodically will help strengthen them too!

8. Don’t dye your hair too much

While it can be fun to dye your hair often in dramatically different shades, it’s also a great way to wreck your hair. Not only will you be delivering bottle-loads of chemicals to your scalp, you’ll be stripping away your hair’s natural color and drying it out to the point of straw.

While professionals carry some gentle product lines, it’s still a good idea to wait to dye your hair until you start getting gray. Since many teens are apt to ignore that good advice, they should at least keep dye jobs to a minimum or use safer products like hair chalk.

9. One or the other: eyes or lips

If you plan to dramatically play up your eyes with makeup, you should plan to go easy on your lips and refrain from making them compete with your eyes. Similarly, if you plan to achieve bold lips, be sure to go easy on the eye makeup. When you play up both of these features with heavy makeup, they can appear mask-like or clownish.

You’ll still achieve a beautiful look by highlighting one or the other. If you want to wear makeup, simply wear a simple gloss or pale color on your lips.

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10. Don’t overdo the makeup

Teens probably hate hearing grown-ups telling them over and over again that a little makeup goes a long way. This is, indeed, the truth and it’s one that won’t change with age.

When you wear too much makeup, people only notice that you’re a girl ‘wearing too much makeup.’ They aren’t likely to notice the beauty hiding underneath the cake of foundation, powder, and sludge of eye liner. You only need a little bit of makeup to highlight your features and this little bit goes a long way to enhancing your natural appearance.

Nowadays most teenage girls tend to wear a bright makeup and it’s actually a huge mistake. When I was a teen, bright eyeshadows and bold lipsticks were my best friends, but I didn’t notice that such a makeup made me look clownish. Avoid making the same mistakes I did by following the aforementioned tips.