6 Signs You’re Dating a Man With No Self-Control


It’s true that we’re all different. Some people are more patient and calm than others. Some are more high strung. There are some qualities that no one should put up with though.

A man with no self-control is not something any woman should put up with. This lack of self control can be dangerous. Check out 6 signs that the man you’re dating has no self-control.

1. He yells at you in public

Being yelled at in public is not only very embarrassing, but also quite demeaning. There is absolutely no excuse for someone to lose control like that in public. If a man is able to yell and berate in public, where there are witnesses, he is able to do worse in private.

2. He blames his temper on you

If your boyfriend blames you for the fact that he cannot control himself, he has an obvious problem. It’s not your fault that he loses control.

Even if you are being annoying and badgering him, he can walk away. Never blame yourself for someone else losing control of their temper.

3. He’s hit you

There is never any excuse for hitting, slapping, poking, or shoving. It doesn’t matter what he says you did to provoke him. There is simply no excuse for this ever.

4. He threatens you

If he doesn’t get his own way, does your boyfriend threaten you? This is behaviour that you should not give in to. It’s important to be strong.

If he threatens to leave and find someone else, when you’re not in the mood for sex, you need to let him go. Threats like these are usually empty.

They are an attempt to make you give in. If you give in, you will continue to get threats because he knows they work.

5. He has a short fuse

If your boyfriend snaps at the smallest mistake, he has a short fuse. Even if he is a perfectionist, he cannot get angry at your for making mistakes.

You will end up walking on eggshells in order to keep a man like this happy. You will begin to make sure things are perfect before he arrives home, so that he doesn’t get upset.

6. He won’t take no for an answer

A man with no self-control is unlikely to easily take no for an answer. He won’t be happy when he does hear “no,” and this will set him off. It won’t matter if the request he has is large or small, “no” will not be an acceptable answer to give him.

It’s important to understand that a man with no self-control can not only be dangerous, but can become controlling also. You will end up so nervous about him flying of the handle that you end up walking on eggshells. That is no way for anyone to live.