10 Beauty Rituals That Are Not Understood by Guys


Men will never understand some ritual beauties that only we, women, will ever get and ever understand. But don’t worry men, now I’m going to explain to you 10 beauty rituals that you probably don’t understand. Find out the answers to all questions that you have about the beauty rituals, which women perform every day!

1. Waxing

Some men can understand the reason why we wax our legs, our bikini area, or even our eyebrows, but others don’t. Trust me, men, it hurts, we wouldn’t do it otherwise, but when you wax the hair, it grows backless black and much thinner. That is less visible than when you shave it.

2. Eyeliner liquid

Some men will never understand why we wear eyeliner liquid on our eyes. To tell the truth, guys, it’s easier to apply, that’s why we use it. Thanks to a great liner, we can make such things as cat eyes. The pencil liner is drawn harder and it smudges more.

3. Changing clothes constantly

Women change their clothes constantly because they go through phases where nothing fits, nothing feels pretty and nothing feels right. Sometimes, women even return to the first outfit that they try on. I advise you guys to constantly remind your girl that she looks pretty in everything that she wears!

4. Pluck one’s eyebrows

I’m sure most girls go through this beauty ritual all of the time. We pluck hairs from our eyebrows instead of waxing because the hair grows back thinner and less black, so it’s less noticeable.

5. Moisturizer

Women actually have dryer skin than men. We wear makeup every day that’s why we should moisturize our skin. The other reason is that we want our skin to look plump and fresh all of the time. Probably guys you could use it too if you want to keep your face fresh and soft all the time!

6. Eyelash curlers

Most men can’t understand why we use an eyelash curler, but it’s a fine little tool. Before your girl applies the mascara, she’s probably using an eyelash curler to gain a doll-like look. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

7. Hair straighteners

A hair straightener is something that I love very much. I have curly hair that’s why I use my hair straightener every day. Of course, men don’t understand the necessity of straightening hair every day, but women feel better when their hair looks absolutely straight. Hair straightener is my best friend, after diamonds of course.

8. Hair masks

Hair masks are another thing that we use because we want our hair to stay split-end free and looking shiny and beautiful. Don’t laugh at our hair masks, they are what make you want to run your fingers through our hair. I’m sure you don’t want to touch your girlfriend’s wiry hair, don’t you?

9. Face masks

It concerns face masks too. Your girl might look odd with some green stuff on her face, but that green stuff removes acne and dirt from our face and makes us look beautiful. This is one of my every Friday night beauty rituals!

10. Hair products

Girls usually use a variety of hair products, because their hair needs to be given special treatment. We might use spray root lifter or mousse, or other products to make different hairstyles. That’s why men, try to understand these beauty rituals that make us look beautiful! By the way, check out – How to Take Care of Long Hair.

So men, have you understood some of the famous women’s beauty rituals? Did I miss any beauty rituals that you don’t understand? Women are enigmatic, but we are fun and beautiful, aren’t we? Share your thoughts, please!