How to Take Care of Long Hair


Long and healthy locks will forever remain a beauty to possess, whatever the season. Gorgeous hair is a sure way to grab attention, but long locks do take a lot of work to look amazing. Brittle and coarse strands make for an unhealthy appearance that is an instant turnoff. Follow the steps here and you’ll have your tresses looking shiny and appealing!

1. Make sure to wash your hair according to its needs

Washing the hair everyday is a bit too much for most people. You need the natural oil from your scalp to keep hair shiny and smooth. Washing daily strips the scalp of this essential oil. Hair professionals suggest washing hair every other day, instead of a daily wash. The exception is for individuals with excessively oily hair. An alternative plan for oily hair that requires less washing is to use a dry shampoo, or – even cheaper and easier to find – baby powder. The powder will absorb the oil from your hair to make tresses look tidier. Put a teaspoon or two of baby powder on your scalp, where hair tends to be its oiliest, and brush it out.

2. Products that suit your specific hair type are the only kind you should get

Find out whether your hair is oily, dry, colored, normal or fine. Ask a hair stylist at your favorite salon if you’re uncertain about your hair type. Conditioning is a must after every wash. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is also a crucial step in maintaining long hair. You can purchase deep conditioning products so you can do this step at home, as opposed to paying a professional every week. Leave deep conditioning products for at least 15 minutes before washing them out.

3. Investing in a high-quality brush paves the way to beautiful hair, especially when dealing with longer strands

Not only does it untangle all those unsightly and messy knots easily, a quality brush makes long locks appear smoother and shinier by doing a great job distributing the natural oils from the scalp.

4. Another important step in taking care of long hair is to trim it every 6 to 8 weeks

Those unsightly split ends won’t go away by themselves, nor will any beauty products get rid of them permanently. Trimming your hair will also remove excess weight that may lead to frizzy and brittle strands.

5. How you live your life affects the state of your mane

Eating healthy and regular exercise are contributing factors to stronger and more beautiful hair. Exercise provides oxygen to the scalp and all over the body, while food rich in the good types of oil such as nuts and fish add a sparkling shine to the hair. These types of food and exercise are great for your heart’s health too! That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Consider your hair a beauty accessory that surpasses even your most expensive piece of jewelry. Hair frames the face, showcasing our facial features. Unlike jewelry or designer handbags, our hair comes with us wherever we go. Maintaining long locks is hard work, but when each strand is vibrant and glowing, it’s hard work no woman will regret!