7 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Split Ends


It can still be possible to prevent split ends if you avoid making a few mistakes! You know split ends make the hair appear damaged, dull, and frizzy. Unfortunately, there is no magical solution for those terrible split ends, but, fortunately, there are some easy and effective tips to follow to prevent them. Keep reading…

1. Don’t over-process

It can be extremely difficult for blondes to prevent split ends. Because of the brassiness, blonde hair needs to be refreshed here and there, and it means that you should dye it! But, here is one trick to try!

Mix half a tube of dye with water and one tablespoon of a developer to get a fairly runny mixture. When the mixture is ready, rub it into your length and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water!

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2. Make sure hair cutting instruments are sharp

Yes, all those hair-cutting instruments must be sharp. That means no haircuts without good tools and no visiting a stylist who takes poor care of their tools. The thing is that blunt scissors simply chew a piece of hair off and it may be a reason why you have split ends.

3. Avoid razor cut layers

Most hairstylists have advised me to avoid razor-cut styles because razors make hair prone to splitting and aren’t a great solution to thick hair. The thing is that your hair gets cut at an angle that later makes your hair split even worse. So consult your hairstylist on how to prevent split ends and see what she or he will advise you.

4. Don’t wash your hair every day

The second-day hair may be the most terrible thing in your look but it’s much better than those lifeless, straw-like ends. And that’s exactly what you can expect should you continue to strip all of those precious hair oils off on daily basis. Look around, you’ll find plenty of awesome styles that work best on second-day hair, and do your best to incorporate this small yet meaningful change that won’t only make your hair nicer, but give you more free time to do other things.

5. Protect your hair during heat styling

To prevent split ends, make sure you protect your hair during heat styling. Distribute the product evenly and keep in mind that ends don’t need as much heat as the rest of your hair. So be sure to style them last and don’t forget to apply styling products, which protect your hair against heat.

6. Keep teasing minimal

Both merciless combing and teasing can wreak havoc on your hair, causing it to split beyond repair. Okay, I’m not talking about those little bottom splits that need tiny trims only. I’m talking about those large tears that call for a big haircut. In order to prevent split ends, be sure to keep teasing minimal and don’t brush out tangles.

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7. Wind and sun exposure

Since ends are the most fragile part of the hair, they must not be exposed to harsh weather elements, including wind and sun. In winter, make sure you secure your hair into a ponytail to prevent the wind from tugging it. Also, don’t forget about those useful and stylish accessories like hats and headscarves to keep those harmful UV rays away while you are sunbathing.

How do you prevent split ends? Do you have any tips? Please share them with me, I’ll certainly try them all because I love my hair and want it to look healthy and beautiful!