8 Tips for Caring for Over-Processed Hair


It is important to take care of over-processed hair, if you want to get your locks back into shape. If you highlight your hair, color it, straighten it, blow dry it, or curl it, you have probably suffered from this problem.

It takes effort and time, but it is possible to do without spending lots of money. If you want to make your over-processed hair look vibrant, shiny, and healthy again, keep reading.

1. Ditch some of your hair habits

First of all you should break some of your hair habits. If you spend lots of time bleaching or coloring your hair, you should give it a miss for now, or you will keep damaging your over-processed hair.

Stay away from your flat iron and your blow dryer. If you have to use your tools, keep the straightening to minimum and cool settings on the dryer.

2. Opt for sulfate-free hair products

Make sure your shampoo, your conditioner and your styling products don’t contain sulfates. They dry out your hair terribly, and if you keep using sulfate-based hair products, you will keep damaging your hair and you can’t afford to do it if you want to repair your hair.

3. Add protein

Over-processed, dry, and damaged hair needs extra protein. During your weekly hair care routine, add a good protein treatment into the mix.

You can buy one in any health and beauty department or drugstore. When you apply it, you should get full coverage and leave it in for 15 minutes or more. If your hair is really weak, this can strengthen it.

4. Condition

Conditioning treatment is the key to restoring your hair after over-processing. When you bathe or shower you should condition with a rinse-out conditioner.

A few times a week you should also use a leave-in conditioner, and give your hair deep conditioning treatments at least once a week. It may seem like lots of work, but you will quickly feel and see improvements.

5. Trim the splits

Sometimes you may just need help from the professionals. Get your split ends trimmed regularly. You will have to do it more than once in a relatively small amount of time, but you will be very glad to get rid of that damage.

6. Have a hot oil treatment

Hot oil hair treatment is very beneficial. You shouldn’t do all these treatments at once, but hot oil treatment should be done at least once a month.

If you have really damaged your hair, you can do it once every two weeks, if you make your own hot oil treatment instead of buying one. It’s very easy to make your own, just get an oil of your choice like coconut, avocado or olive oil.

7. Protect your hair

If you have over-processed hair, you must be vigilant. When you are out and about, protect your hair from the sun’s rays in any way you can.

You should also protect your hair on a cloudy day. Use protective products, but make sure they are really gentle.

8. Stay away from the heat

Stop blow drying your hair for a while. After washing your hair, towel dry your hair, and let air dry the rest of the way. If it helps, change up your routine and start showering at night.

If you need straighten your hair, look for no heat methods or keep your flat iron on a lower setting. If you want to curl your hair, try no heat methods as well.

It’s easy to over-process your hair and if you implement these tips, you can bring it back to life. What is the worst damage you have ever done to your hair? Do you have some tips for caring for over-processed hair? Share your thoughts please!