7 Most Important Things to Consider before Hiring a Private Tutor


If you are going to hire a private tutor, you should consider some important things before doing it. Many parents hire tutors because their children have either fallen behind in one subject or because they are gifted and they are not pushed enough at school.

A tutor has a big impact on your child’s education, and if private tuition is done incorrectly, it can confuse your child further or knock their confidence. Check out the most important things you should consider before hiring a private tutor.

1. Subject knowledge

Make sure that the tutor knows how to teach a subject to a required level. Even though most parents can be reluctant to take college students on thinking they lack experience or depth of knowledge, they can make perfect tutors! Why? Because their subject knowledge is really up-to-date and is fresh in their minds.

2. Teaching ability

Another important thing you should consider before hiring a private tutor is that the tutor has the skills to teach effectively. Well, you could get a tutor with two PhDs, but if they are not very patient and they don’t exactly know how to interact with their students, they will never make a good tutor. It’s just a waste of time and money!

3. Goals

Most parents hire tutors without having clear goals in mind. Keep in mind that getting better at the subject is not a clear goal.

You should know a specific goal and find a tutor that can help your child to achieve it. If your child knows what they are aiming for, they will have a bigger sense of accomplishment this way.

4. Your child’s needs

When hiring a private tutor you should also consider your child’s needs as an individual and a student. This may include any learning difficulties, their weaknesses and strengths, and the type of person your child would work with best.

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5. Cost

One of the key things to consider before hiring a tutor is cost. Find the best rate in your area in that subject so that you are not being overcharged. Remember a more experienced tutor will cost more money, so try to find the balance between good quality and good value.

6. Schedule

This is also important thing to consider. You should have mutually convenient times available. Make sure your child won’t give up something they enjoy to do that extra schoolwork. Also consider the concentration power and age of your child, and don’t schedule two-hour lesson if your kid can only concentrate for an hour.

7. A tutoring agency

If you are going through a tutoring agency, find out as much information about the agency as possible. The tutors here feel unmotivated and undervalued because when you pay the agency $25 per hour, the tutor gets $15 of that. You are paying above and beyond what the tutor is really worth.

I hope you will consider all these things before hiring a private tutor, because they are really important. Have you ever had any bad experiences with private tutors? Do you have any advice on how to hire a good tutor? Please comment below!