Things You Need to Know About Flowers (17 Infographics)


Flowers beguile us with their striking beauty and lovely scent. Flowers can mean so much without saying a word.

Some flowers, such as the lotus, have religious significance. Many flowers may also have unusual characteristics or forms. Take a look at these 17 infographics and dive into the fascinating world of flowers and their meanings.

1. Amazing Facts About Flowers

2. Etymology and Symbolism of 50 Flowers

3. Flower Meaning by Color

4. Language of Flower

5. The National Flowers of Of Europe

6. A Flower for Every Occasion

7. Choosing the Right Flowers for Mother’s Day

8. 10 Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meaning

9. Wedding Flowers With Captivating Bouquets

10. Perfect Blossom for Your Wedding Anniversary Milestones

11. Most Expensive Flowers in the World

12. The Stories Behind Birth Flowers

13. Top 10 Edible Flowers

14. Choosing the Right Roses

15. How to Make Your Roses Last

16. How to Make Flowers Last Longer

17. Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings