7 Healthy Habits That Will Speed Up Your Metabolism


Healthy habits that will speed up your metabolism are very important if you want to really change your body. In fact, finding your healthy weight could be as easy as adding each of these habits that will boost your metabolism into your day. I often tell people that their body is like a car – your car won’t run properly without the right maintenance and fuel, and your body will not run properly without the right maintenance and fuel either.

Think of your metabolism as the car’s engine. To keep it running smoothly it needs the right ingredients. Forget about diet pills and those crazy workouts! Here are a few healthy habits that will speed up your metabolism!

1. Don’t skip meals

Whatever you do, always eat regularly! Even if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, you need to eat something light like a small smoothie of fruits or nonfat Greek yogurt. Never skip breakfast, since eating breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism! During your lunch, make sure you get in little healthy fats, little healthy carbs, and plenty of lean protein.

For afternoon snacks, opt for a little protein, a little healthy fat, and some healthy carbs. Do the same at dinner and be sure to minimalize your intake of desserts. If you want to eat something sweet, have a piece of fruit or you can freeze a Greek yogurt for about 30 minutes and top with sliced fruit or almonds. Another great substitution for meals is smoothies. But keep ingredients free of unhealthy fats and added sugars.

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2. Drink plenty of water

Water is important for every cellular function in the body, including digestion. Again, think of your metabolism as the engine of a car. You should give it plenty of fluids for it to work properly.

So make sure you drink plenty of water daily, especially if you are active. The thing is that water flushes toxins from your body and keeps your digestive system working well, which is a healthy habit for your metabolism.

3. Eat good food

Another important habit that will speed up your metabolism is eating good food. I’m not talking about those burgers from your local burger joint. I’m talking about gluten-free whole grains, lean protein, plenty of veggies, root veggies, fruits, and healthy fat. Your body needs only good food to run well and your metabolism won’t function properly without a healthy diet. Keep it in mind!

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4. Be more active

If you sit all day at work, be sure to move as much as possible throughout the day and take frequent walks. Walk to and from work or walk during your lunch break. If you are on your feet all day, your metabolism is already getting some extra boost.

However, it’s not a reason to skip exercising. A workout routine is one of the healthiest habits that will speed up your metabolism! If you have a super busy schedule, here are a few simple exercises you can do anywhere.

5. Get enough sleep

If you want to speed up your metabolism, make it a habit to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you are extremely active you need to get at least 9 or 10 hours of sleep. 9 hours of sleep works best for me, but you need to find out which amount of sleep you need to function best. Just let yourself drift off to sleep and wake up naturally without an alarm.

If you go to bed and get up at the same time every day, it will be your needed amount of sleep. Without a good night’s sleep, your energy level will crash, and you will crave carbs and sugar more because will need energy. So, girls, be sure to get enough sleep!

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6. Don’t avoid fat

Avoiding fats is one of the worst things you can do for your body and metabolism. Your body needs fats to run well. Good fats that can boost your metabolism are monounsaturated fats from raw seeds and nuts, extra virgin coconut oil, and a little bit of dark chocolate. You can also eat avocado, which is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats.

7. Reduce stress

If you are constantly stressed out, your adrenal glands can burn out, and you will feel exhausted all the time. This can ruin your metabolism and set you up for chronic fatigue, IBS, and heart disease. To reduce your stress, add a little yoga to your day, exercising (especially running), journaling, and meditating.

When I exercise in the morning, my stress level is much lower all day long. Another great way to lower stress is weight lifting. Talking and laughing with your partner or friends is also an excellent way. You can also try spending time in nature, reading, and writing.

When you are taking all the steps, your metabolism and your body will find your healthy weight! Do you know of any other healthy habits that can speed up metabolism? Share them, please!