10 Challenging Time Killing Games for Android


Smartphones do make our lives easier, but they are not for shopping and cooking apps, and silly messages only. They help us survive our boredom-fighting times and boost our moods when we feel utterly beaten down. The next time you find yourself trapped in a boring situation, like a boring lecture, a long route or a delayed flight, download any (if not all ) of these free games to kill time and save your nerves.

1. Fleeing Sheep

Like the idea of saving an innocent animal like a lamb? Fleeing Sheep is a perfect game for you. Not only does it help kill time, it is also good for your brain and increase attention stamina. You do not have the right for mistake, otherwise foxes will kill a poor lamb.

2. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is incredibly popular among kids, but many adults have tried it too. It is interesting and captivating. Despite some bugs, Subway Surfers is a fun way to pass time and show your friends and the world that you can get the highest scores.

3. Max Axe – Epic Adventure

It may look similar to Subway Surfers, but as soon as you start playing, you will forget about similarity and time. The only thing that can spoil your mood while playing Max Axe is in-app purchases. But it is not necessary to pay for more, the free version is awesome too.

4. Flappy Bird

Before telling me that Floppy Bird is an easy game, give it a try. It can be super challenging at some point in the game. The great news, the game is totally free, just like Fleeing Sheep.

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5. The Tower

Challenge yourself with building the world’s tallest tower to reach the sky. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, yes, despite the fact that the blocks’ speed increase as you go up and when you fail to put the block perfectly, some portion is chipped off. The Tower will help you kill time and strengthen your attention and focus at the same time.

6. Dragon, Fly

When you feel tired or depressed, the last thing you want to do is to play a tough game. Dragon, Fly is an amazingly easy game that will not exhaust your brain. You will find yourself playing this game for hours, because it is oh-so addictive.

7. Super Hexagon

How about a little more challenge? Super Hexagon is definitely a must try. Your task is to keep the arrow from running into the closing walls. The game is very difficult, albeit the task sounds pretty easy.

8. Piano Tiles 2

One of the most addictive games available on Android has already become popular worldwide. From kids to adults, today almost every Android user has Piano Tiles 2 in their phone or tablet. Are you one of them?

9. Smash Hit

Having a stressful day? Researches show that breaking a plate helps to reduce stress. Well, I have a better idea than smashing your favorite plates. Smash Hit is a game that allows you break the glass to overcome the glass obstacles.

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10. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another game that will help you kill time and relieve stress – all in one. It will test your speed, attention and your reaction times and help you pass the time, whether you are at the airport, bus, doctor’s office, or the post office.

As Android phones and tablets have recently increased in popularity, new games keep appearing on Google Play each day. Download any of these games to make those waiting times fun. I enjoy playing Piano Tiles 2 and Fleeing Sheep, because they are rather new games, not to mention how addictive they are. What is your choice?