7 Things You Do Not Want to Regret Down the Road


As we get older, we start realizing the things that we tend to ignore in our early 20s. Yesterday, I visited my grandma who I have not seen for almost a year. Sure we stay in touch via phone, but I have always had an excuse to see her. Yesterday, we had a great time.

We talked about her parents and grandparents and looked through the old photo albums. She said about her regrets and her words made me realize how short our lives are and how many regrets many of us have. This morning, I jotted down some key regrets and decided to write a little article to let you know what you can do today that you will not regret tomorrow.

1. Meaningless excuses

Excuses can be different. The worst of them are meaningless. If you want to learn a new language, start saving for your dream vacation, find your dream job, or break up with a guy you do not love anymore, do it. Otherwise, you will regret it in a few years and waste your time.

2. Shyness

Shyness slowly fades away, but it can take many years until you feel confident and brave enough to do the things you could not do in the past. Do not wait till it happens. Overcome your shyness today. Get out of your comfort zone, and say things that you have been afraid to say and do things that you have dreaded to do for many years.

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3. Quick chats

Aim to spend more time with people you love. I am not talking about your significant other, friends, and kids because I am sure you try to spend a lot of time with them. I mean spending more time with your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.

No matter how often you call them, you will more likely forget about those chats. When you meet them, you create the memories that you will not forget down the road. Plus, you will make their day. Since I have only one grandma, I am going to visit her every week, regardless of how many tasks I will have to accomplish.

4. Staying stuck

Be it a career or a lifestyle, staying stuck in a rut can make you unhappy and your life purposeless. Find your direction today. It is easier to live when you know your purpose in life. Become who you want to be. Do you know why most successful people become successful in their late 30s? Because they try to find their directions as earlier as possible.

5. Waiting

We often say, ‘I am waiting for the right moment to…’, ‘It is not the time to…’, or ‘I will do it the next day, month, or year.’ Hard times are always there and it is never the right moment, so whatever you want or need to do, do it right now.

6. Not developing your talents

You have full responsibility to develop the talents you have been given. It is a painful process, but nothing in life is as painful as giving up on yourself. As soon as you start developing your talents, you will feel you become a better person. You will find your passion and change your whole life.

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7. Hating your flaws

Nobody is perfect, right? You know it but keep hating your own flaws. If you strive to live a life without regrets, there must be no place for hatred, jealousy and comparison in your mind and heart. Embrace your flaws, forgive yourself and improve yourself only when needed.

Life is full of regrets but we are able to reduce the number of them easily. Nothing and no one can make you happy. You are responsible for your happiness. Take time to think over these seven common regrets and feel free to add your own ones to the list.