10 Beautifully Unique Foot Tattoo Ideas


There is a scenario that many of you might be familiar with: it has been a long day at work and you are busy counting stations when suddenly you notice a young girl standing in the aisle. As your eyes summarize her fashion sense, you notice a tattoo on her foot. You can’t help admiring it, can you?

But, why only admire when you can have one for yourself? If you can stand up to the pain, and do not mind wearing flip-flops until the tattooed area heals, a foot tattoo is an accessory that is sure to boost your fashion style. Here are the top ten foot tattoo ideas to get you started:

1. Ornamental anklets

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An anklet that does not ring with every step you take, this is one of the most innovative pieces of art to be found on your foot. Whether you wear jeans or skirt, the tattoo will compliment every outfit.

2. Butterflies and stars

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Think its time to bring out the lady in you? This classic never fails, be it at 20 or 40. Plus, you can experiment with colors.

3. Memorial

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Some occasions in everyone’s life are worth preserving. Use your foot as a canvas for retrospection in the days to come.

4. Simple symbols

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Who needs a large tattoo when a small one looks just as chic and unique? Forget those complications and hours of shading. The simplest tattoos are often the most captivating ones.

5. Animals and birds

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Be it a black-and-white or colored tattoo, the furs and the feathers never fail to mesmerize! This mother and baby elephant tattoo idea is not only unique, but it also looks totally cute.

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6. Floral designs

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If you are a kind of person who stops by to smell the roses, getting flowers etched onto your foot might be a good idea. This is also a segment with a maximum number of designs to choose from to match your personality.

7. Music

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Everyone loves music, but having a tattoo depicting your zeal for it is certainly out of the box. Whether it is an instrument, or simply musical notes, the ink will spell out your passion.


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“The wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile,” said Charles Dickens. Great minds have compared quotes to revolutionists that have the capability to change the way people think. So, if someone’s words have a strong influence on you, or you have something on your mind that you want to share with the world, feel free to paint your foot with it.

9. Under the feet

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A tattoo under your foot represents your basic building stone, the expression of your true self, or motivation that you do not want to flaunt just for the sake of it. Having a tattoo for everyone to see is commonplace, but something for your eyes only is extraordinary.

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10. 3-D tattoo

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The world is three dimensional. Why should tattoos be confined to two? 3-D tattoos are incredibly popular and breathtaking, but mostly for brave girls.

So, there you have it! All of the most unique foot tattoo ideas ever. If you have got the other parts of your body covered, it is time to endow your feet with the attention they deserve. And if you have not, there are plenty of reasons to take the first step forward. Most importantly, have fun, and happy tattooing!