10 Beautifully Unique Foot Tattoo Ideas


There is a scenario that many of you might be familiar with: it has been a long day at work and you are busy counting stations when suddenly you notice a young girl standing in the aisle. As your eyes summarize her fashion sense, you notice a tattoo on her foot. You can’t help admiring it, can you?

But, why only admire when you can have one for yourself? If you can stand up to the pain, and do not mind wearing flip-flops until the tattooed area heals, a foot tattoo is an accessory that is sure to boost your fashion style. Here are the top ten foot tattoo ideas to get you started:

1. Ornamental anklets

Photo: pinterest.com

An anklet that does not ring with every step you take, this is one of the most innovative pieces of art to be found on your foot. Whether you wear jeans or skirt, the tattoo will compliment every outfit.