12 Unusual Tattoo Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign


The entire concept of horoscope came from the Babylon astrology that was later influenced by Hellenistic culture. The signs are based on the 12 constellations that are majorly used by fortune tellers or wizards to predict one’s future.

If you are looking to have a tattoo according to zodiac signs, then there are very many options available. This is because for each sign, you can choose either the symbol or the animal representation of the sign.

Most of the tattoos will be based on their animal representation rather than the symbol representing it. Check out some of the best ideas right now.

1. Aries

Bravery rules your world and adventure is one of the hobbies you have that are naturally inborn. You are bursting with energy and enthusiastic about things. You are quick to understand which draws most people close to you.

The ram tattoo will be excellent or a daisy flower. Red is your color.

2. Taurus

You are a reliable person that likes to stick to the practicalities of things. You enjoy works of art and appreciate some good cooked food. Lavish lifestyle excites you. The bull best represents you.

Alternatively, a lily flower tattoo will do just fine. Ensure you stick to the color pink.

3. Gemini

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Twins mostly use this zodiac. Twins represent them.

If you fall into this category, you are a very talkative person with an excellent sense of humor. Intelligence is one of the character traits that distinguish you from the rest.

A lily of the valley tattoo will be beautiful. You may have a lavender flower too. Your color is yellow.

4. Cancer

Intuitive, sympathetic and caring best describes who you are. Though an introvert, you love adventure a lot and you are highly sensitive about things. Fantasizing is what you do when bored.

A crab themed tattoo will be great for you or a water lily flower. The silver color is the best to use.

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5. Leo

Many people I have met with this zodiac sign are creative, self-assured and very influential. These attributes enable them to make great influential persons and organizers.

They love attracting attention and can’t tolerate people who don’t follow instruction. They are like lions in the jungle.

A lion themed tattoo, or poppy flower is ideal for you. A golden color will do just fine.

6. Virgo

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Order and modesty rule your world. You are intelligent and believe success majorly entails working hard to achieve all that you dream about. Your analytical skills cannot go unnoticed.

You just don’t settle for anything but rather analyze all relate thing before you decide on anything. These are often said to be the characteristics of a Virgo. A tattoo of an aloe flower, with green color, will be ideal for you.

7. Libra

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A charming person who is always idealistic on everything they come across. You believe in fairness for all and find it easy to get along with people. Your charming and believe in falling in love and living happily ever after.

A scales tattoo or a cosmos flower is the best for you. Blue is the color to go for.

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8. Scorpio

You have a closer connection with your inner self. That’s may be the reason you are an emotional person.

Passion for the things that you do and the ability to check their essence is something to be proud of. Scorpion tattoo is what you should go for. Alternatively, you may have a yellow, yoni flower as your tattoo.

9. Sagittarius

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A sincere, optimistic person is what best describes you. You are an outdoor person so you will be found participating in outdoor games, or just enjoying nature and all that it has to offer. Learning a new language is something you find easy to do and have a passion for art and philosophy.

You are the kind of a person from whom people learn a lot. An archer or narcissus flower tattoo with color blue is for you.

10. Capricorn

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You are a hardworking, reliable person. Self-discipline is what leads you and determined in everything that you do.

Tattoo designs should be of a sea-goat or the carnation flower. The color brown will be excellent as it also signifies your warm, patient nature.

11. Aquarius

If this is your horoscope, then you are the kind of a person that likes to depend on themselves, and always innovating new ideas, which means you like being original.

You are an extremely loyal, rational and intuitive person. A water bearer represents you.

Alternatively, you may decide to have a primrose flower. If you want to take to a higher level, have the tattoo on the ankle. The tattoo color should be blue.

12. Pisces

You are easy to get along with. Your sensitive but humble nature is admirable. You believe in religion, and you are the flexible type.

A tattoo with the theme of a fish will be quite awesome, or you can have a violet flower. Silver is the color to go for.

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For most cultures, the zodiac signs are unique. That should give you quite a variety of tattoo designs to choose from. Some of the cultures include the native American and Chinese.

In the coming Halloween season, you don’t have to sweat thinking about what costumes to make. Simply use a zodiac theme to style in a tribal way.

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