All Natural Cosmetics – Why You Should Consider Them


If you are developing a rash or skin allergy, or find that there’s a general deterioration in your skin’s health, it may be time to switch to natural organic cosmetics. While many people buy organic foods because they don’t want to put toxins into their bodies, very few think about what they’re putting on their bodies.

Women have been piling on synthetic makeup for decades, but there are a few who are now using only natural and organic products for all cosmetic needs.If you need convincing to make the switch yourself, here are the main  benefits of using natural cosmetic makeup products.

No chemicals

Your skin has pores that gradually absorb whatever is applied on it, and that eventually enters the blood stream. Traditional cosmetics contain synthetic compounds, which find their way into your bloodstream. These toxins accumulate over time in your body and can adversely affect your health.
Natural cosmetics contain no chemicals or synthetics. Instead, they are made from botanical extracts that contain Vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin.

In addition, because of the absence of chemicals, your skin won’t have any adverse reactions like breakouts or increased dry or oily skin, so they are safer to use than traditional cosmetics. In fact, they can be used liberally at all times.

There is a variety and they are suitable for all skin types

One of the myths about natural cosmetics is that you can’t find a wide range to suit every type of skin. The truth is, whether you have oily or dry skin, natural cosmetics can be used on either type without fear of making it worse. Some chemicals found in traditional cosmetics cause your skin’s pores to close.

Closed pores don’t allow your skin to breathe and release toxins through sweat and oil glands. Natural products, however, keep the pores open and functioning normally.
You can also find lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations and more to match any skin tone. Yes, natural cosmetics are fairly new to the market as compared to traditional cosmetics, but more and more local brands as well as international heavyweights are offering lines of natural products, so you do find a variety of products for every need.

You don’t have to empty your wallet

Natural cosmetic makeup can sometimes be a little more expensive than traditional makeup simply because it is more expensive to make natural products and keep them stable for a reasonable amount of time. Traditional cosmetics contain cheaper chemicals that do the job. However, by being watchful, you’ll find that many natural products go on sale now and then, so the price difference can be negligible.

No animal testing

Unlike most traditional cosmetic products, natural cosmetics are only laboratory tested and not animal tested.

Have you ever thought about using natural cosmetics? Do you know any other benefits of using it? Share your thoughts, please!