10 Ways to Make Your Makeup Bag Eco-Friendly


Is your makeup bag a toxic wasteland? Have you heard of most the ingredients contained in your various makeup products? No need to fear! You can begin to infuse more eco-friendly items into your makeup bag so that you’ll enhance the earth by using earth-save products and enhance your body, too, with natural ingredients. Here are a few ways to make your makeup bag eco-friendly.

1. Switch your lipstick

Lipstick brands typically load in lots of chemicals to their products. It’s easy to get swept away by the dazzling array of colors, but you’ll discover that there are some eco-friendly brands that deliver some great shades using only safe and even vegan-friendly products.

2. Shop ingredient lists, not brands

Marketers are savvy when it comes to selling their merchandise. The company’s marketing gurus are not the product’s manufacturers. Moreover, just because a marketer knows how to create great packaging and logos, doesn’t mean they would use the actual product themselves. Be sure that you look past the pretty trimmings and read the label. Shop for your cosmetics only after you understand ingredients; if it’s not natural, be skeptical and do some research.

3. Take out products with synthetic scents

When it comes to makeup, you don’t really need any scent at all. Moreover, a synthetic fragrance doesn’t do your body or the planet any good. You’ll be better off including a vial of natural scent in your makeup bag. You can reduce your exposure to potential toxins simply by choosing fragrance-free products or products made with all natural fragrances.

4. Blush

Coastal Classics Creations is one of the few brands that rates a 0 for toxicity. Their products, according to the EWG Cosmetics Database are perfectly free. Moreover, since you can order them online, you don’t even have to drive around hunting for them. All natural ingredients make their blush lines the perfect choice. This is definitely the blush you want to add to your eco-friendly cosmetic bag.

5. Eyeliner

Beauty Without Cruelty makes eye liner pencils in various colors. Their products are not only safe, but they do no harm to animals. This company was founded in 1963 in England and has been part of this non-toxic movement before it was a trend. Yet even as trends go, this one should last as it’s healthy for you and designed to be healthy for the earth too. The company also produces a dazzling array of other cosmetics too. Choose their kohl black eye liner and you’ll always have great eyes without harmful ingredients.

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6. Lip balm

Lip balm is something many women wear all the time–even when they’re just sitting on the back porch or lounging at the beach. Because this is an item that’s used daily, it should be ultra-healthy with absolutely no health risks associated with its ingredients. Look for products that contain completely natural ingredients like Badger’s Natural Lip Balm Care with natural additives like orange and lavender. You’ll find these products work just as well as their toxic competitors.

7. Nail polish

The key to healthier polishes is to choose water-based products. There are few products that score an innocuous 0 when it comes to nail polishes. Are you sure you want to polish your nails anyway? Nail polish is big business, but that doesn’t mean your makeup bag has to participate. Dip you nails in a lemon and they’ll come out clean and white.

8. Powder

All-mineral powders are an effective and safe way to go. There is a myriad of facial powders that won’t harm your body with unsafe ingredients. If you tend to wear a lot of powder, it’s even more important for you to choose only the safest products. Just because cosmetics are approved to be sold, doesn’t mean they’re ingredients contain no risks. Therefore, when you wear a powder that has no risks at all, you reduce your risk for harm.

9. Mascara

Your eyes are important to your life and they require the most delicate of products. Look for mascara-makers that rate a 0-risk for harmful ingredients or ingredients with the potential to do harm. Don’t settle for anything less than the safest products when it comes to your eyesight. It’s great to look beautiful, but that’s the least important thing for your eyes.

10. Eye shadow

Rejuva and Coastal Classics make mineral-based eye shadows that are known to be safe. These shadows carry 0-risk with them so they’re great for you and even good for your daughter to use. Enhance your beauty naturally and only keep naturally good products like these in your makeup bag. You’ll better safeguard your health and you’ll still be able to maintain your beauty!

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When you choose your makeup products, it’s a good idea to buy eco-friendly items. Not only will you look more beautiful, you will save animals’ lives, not to mention that you will avoid any skin issues. Is your makeup bag eco-friendly? What are your favorite eco-friendly beauty and makeup products?