What V-Day Would Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Valentine’s Day is by no means a mere holiday where hearts glitter and glow with excitement like stars above. As the zodiac would have it, how we are meant to spend our holiday with our partners (or with ourselves), is actually due to the whims of those very celestial bodies.

When astrology meets the passion of Valentine’s Day, there are simple should and should nots that will affect what you Valentine’s Day will be like.


Always blazing forward on their own volition, Aries are not the most romantic of signs. Though they always seem to attract others with hearts in their eyes. Out of all the zodiac signs, Aries will probably be throwing an Un-Valentine’s Day party and reveling in their singularity.

On the flip side, an Aries who is tied up with another individual will find themselves at the crossroads when it comes to what to do. Instead of following your own heart this year, Aries, try listening to your partner. Going along with their desires once in a while might be a huge turn on.


The bull of the zodiac is actually a sweetheart during the celebration of love. Throughout the year, Taurus works hard, thinks practically, and wants nothing more than cooperation from others. For this reason, Taurus appreciates being treated on Valentine’s Day.

Should the idea of ditching the budget for a day not appeal to you, then that is a signal that you and your special someone need to get away for the weekend to rekindle the fire. Fortunately, there are budget deals at bed and breakfasts all around the world that will placate you and your significant other.


Indecisiveness is the foundation of every Valentine’s Day plan when it comes to Gemini. Because of the ever-present duality of their personalities, any Gemini will have difficulty not only pinning down what to do, they will not even know who to spend time with until the final moment.

Single Geminis should try to stay away from large crowds, just in case a hasty decision is made. For a Gemini who has a partner for the evening, let them take the reins for once. Let them offer up some ideas and simply see what comes out of it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Love to the nurturing Cancer is the fuel that keeps them going throughout the year. During Valentine’s Day, however, Cancer might be so loved out, they seem a little (dare I say it) crabby? Therefore, a single Cancer needs to give themselves some self-love with chocolates, wine, and an evening of soaking in the bathtub.

Cancer with a significant other, on the other hand, will be as dependable as ever and show how much they care. Also, the two of you should totally go to the party you were invited too. That excitement is just what the love doctor ordered.


Being that the magnificent lion is always finding themselves in the spotlight, and loving every minute of it, they delight in a flood of Valentine’s Day cards, stuffed animals, and goodies. A single Leo should never be alone on Valentine’s Day, as they will fear missing out on something spectacular.

So even if none of your friends decide to join in the fun, try to get out to a Valentine’s Day themed event, like fireworks and let your heart be full. As for the lion in a relationship… well, shall we just say that instead of a lion on this holiday, you are puss in boots for knocking?


Shrewd and perfect Virgo the virgin. For Valentine’s Day to be an epic day of cherubs and sweethearts, the day must live up to Virgo’s expectations. Yet, there is something about the romance of this special day that makes Virgo see the beauty of imperfections.

While they seem rigid at first, any effort given unto them by a suitor or their partner will be more than enough. Solitary Virgo will have no qualms with being alone. To them, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday unless they have someone to spend it with.

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Exceptionally social and friendly, Valentine’s Day has Libra sweeping through Tinder like there is no tomorrow. Their need for romance really tips the scales, and so Libra might find themselves on a dreaded first day on the holiday of romance and wondering where their brain had gone.

That does not mean that Libra is fated for bad Valentine’s Day dates, though. Even with your significant other, Libra, use your intrinsic diplomacy to make plans that suit both your needs. Opt for balance, and you will never lose.


The true hedonists of the zodiac, Scorpio love to lavish gifts upon themselves. So, even if they are alone for Valentine’s Day, this fiery sign knows no difference.

Scorpio might be inclined to spend the day at the spa, grudgingly thinking back to all the failed relationships they had in the past. No harm in that; but just remember to tell those you do love just how much they mean to you.

After all, Valentine’s Day is about giving and receiving love, not just the latter. By showing some extra compassion and love for your partner or your crush prior to the holiday, you could receive a super thrilling surprise of a lavish, candlelit Valentine’s Day dinner for two.


The adventurousness of the Archer always has them paving new roads when it comes to the idea of romance and displays of affection. Sagittarius seeks to engage with those around them and make them feel joy, even if those friends and family members are single.

Moreover, Sagittarius will gather up everyone on their friend list to do something fun, like checking out the new Fifty Shades movie or skydiving. Actually, that does not sound like a bad suggestion for you and your partner, either, does it? Make a wild suggestion this Valentine’s Day, while out and about or in the bedroom. Or both.


The sheer determination and work ethic of Capricorns often drives them to go for cheaper Valentine’s Day outings, even if that means going it alone. See, the trick is, if Capricorn is single, Valentine’s Day is just another day. They do not mind not having a date because that saves money.

But if Capricorn is in a relationship, then things can get a little tricky. Dear Capricorn, to make life easier for your significant other, communicate your expectations or drop little hints. For example, “I heard my best friend’s boyfriend saying he was going to have flowers delivered to her desk. Isn’t that sweet?”


Always going with the flow or making their own, Aquarius finds Valentine’s Day to be exciting regardless of their current situation. Valentine’s Day is all about passion and creativity, which this zodiac sign knows quite well. Of course, that often means Aquarius will set out to throw a Valentine’s Day party or cook a special themed meal.

If hitched, Aquarius will often not know how to display all the emotions they feel and may retreat a little. Do not be afraid to show some public affection, lovely Aquarius. Otherwise, the fire of passion might dim before it ever brightens.

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Spiritual yet laidback, Pisces is an ideal wingman or wingwoman on Valentine’s Day. They are stable rocks for those who get emotional about the romance holiday, so do not be surprised if friends come to cling to you, Pisces.

A casual date will serve you the best this Valentine’s Day. Plan something that feels good deep down, like couple’s yoga, or sharing some spaghetti and watching cheesy movies on Netflix. That way, whether you are single, on a date, or with a loved one, all the bases are covered.

Valentine’s Day means that love is in the air. Since the zodiac sign plays an active role in your passions, romance, and love style, it makes sense that it would affect how your spend the most passionate holiday of the year. Some signs prefer to stay forever alone while others need another by their side, so make sure you are doing your sign right.