What V-Day Would Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Valentine’s Day is by no means a mere holiday where hearts glitter and glow with excitement like stars above. As the zodiac would have it, how we are meant to spend our holiday with our partners (or with ourselves), is actually due to the whims of those very celestial bodies.

When astrology meets the passion of Valentine’s Day, there are simple should and should nots that will affect what you Valentine’s Day will be like.


Always blazing forward on their own volition, Aries are not the most romantic of signs. Though they always seem to attract others with hearts in their eyes. Out of all the zodiac signs, Aries will probably be throwing an Un-Valentine’s Day party and reveling in their singularity.

On the flip side, an Aries who is tied up with another individual will find themselves at the crossroads when it comes to what to do. Instead of following your own heart this year, Aries, try listening to your partner. Going along with their desires once in a while might be a huge turn on.