7 Signs You Are in Love


What is love? It’s that thing that movies are made about, songs are written on, and people spend their lives on a quest for. It’s the one thing all races and religions can relate to; it’s the one thing that when it happens, you truly cannot help but scream from the rooftops.

So how do you know if you are really in love? Here are 7 telltale signs that you are in love:

1. That knot sitting in your stomach

It’s true. When someone is really in love, the body physically reacts to the other person. Nerves and overwhelming emotions are all physically felt in the body when caring about someone is so intense. It can be giddy or sickening, but it’s a physical reaction.

2. Can’t go an hour without thinking about them

Whether you are in a business meeting or sitting in a lab at school – if you are really in love, your mind will always find a way to wander back to your beloved. It’s beyond your control. Your heart signals the brain and POOF: your mind finds a way to work that person into your thoughts.

3. Miss them when they are in the next room

When it’s love, you can’t get enough of the person. If you go long periods of time without contact, you miss them. If you go for short periods of time – you still miss them.

That longing to be around them as much as possible results in this feeling of loneliness when they aren’t there, right there, next to you. It’s as if you can never be too close to them.

4. Electric touch

It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true; when you are really in love, your body has a heightened sensitivity when being touched by your loved one. Even if it’s a brush of the hand on your back, your whole body can feel that hand 200% more and it sends a shiver down your spine. It’s a warmth and it’s a sensation.

5. Expanded Horizons

Were you really ever interested in the different kinds of fishing equipment before? Tell the truth, when was the last time you watched wrestling or a soap opera?

You know it’s love when you find yourself taking active interests in the things they love. Suddenly, things you’d never found remotely intriguing before are top of mind for you.

6. The need to share

“If a tree falls in the forest….” Well if you are really in love, you will soon discover that most major life achievements and events will never feel completely satisfying or finished until you’ve had the chance to share them with the one you love.

Pride is always better shared – and when you are in love that person becomes the person who gives you the necessary reaction you need to it. Friends and family can try, but it’s never the same as telling the person you are in love with.

7. Selfishness becomes Selflessness

When you stop thinking about what you want for your own birthday and start obsessing over what’s the best surprise you can do for your significant other, you’re in love. When you want to help them with their work or would rather miss your own social event to help them, you’re hooked. When you are really in love – you really do get much more happiness giving to them than receiving.

Overall, all of these things are what make up the experience of what it’s like to really be in love. It’s overwhelming, wonderful, and magic.