5 Tips for the Frugal Mommy-to-Be


Most families are living on a budget, so adding a new member to the family means adjusting the budget to include the essentials needed for a baby. Baby necessities do add quite a bit of expense to an already tight budget, such as bottles, diapers, doctor visits, and so on.

So, a frugal mom will want to find ways to cut these costs and still provide for all the family’s needs. There are some ways for mothers to save money, and they are good for both mom and baby.

1. Consider Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby and mother, it is also a money saver. When you compare the costs of baby formula to the zero cost of breast milk, the savings are tremendous, even for working moms. The expense of buying a breast pump to store and transport mother’s milk is tax-deductible, so this eliminates the expense of needed equipment.

Another way breastfeeding saves families money is the health aspect. Breastfed babies are healthier than babies that consume formula. This is because breast milk carries the mother’s antibodies to the child, and the baby gets immunity against diseases the mother has had. This immunity boost means fewer doctor visits for a breastfed baby and a reduction in medical costs.

2. Use Cloth Diapers

Some new mothers may think that cloth diapers are a hassle. They use safety pins and require frequent washing, but cloth diapers may not be what most mothers expect. Today’s cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposables.

They have Velcro tabs and are shaped to fit, which means no folding and safety pins. You only have to buy these diapers once and reuse, instead of shelling out money every week for disposables.

3. Use Cloth Menstrual Pads

Mom and the baby can both use cloth products instead of disposable. Mom can buy cloth menstrual pads and launder them after use. These pads come in two sizes and with wings to help protect the panties just like disposable products, but without the continuing expense.

4. Buy Gently Used

Looking through your local paper, going to garage sells and visiting consignment shops can all be great methods of finding gently used baby furniture at affordable prices. You can also look for other items such as strollers and car seats. There is one precaution, however.

You need to research the item before buying to make sure it is not part of a recall. This is especially true of cribs and car seats. You do not want to put your child’s safety at risk.

5. Other Tips

For some moms, items such as strollers and changing tables are optional. You will save money if you carry your baby instead of paying for a stroller. In addition, mothers can get free patterns to make cloth baby carriers.

Instead of using a changing table, lay a blanket on the floor or on a bed and change your baby there. These are safer options, as the baby is less likely to fall.

Finding ways to spend less helps the entire family stay on a budget. Moms can use these five tips to help save money and still fulfill the newest member’s needs.