What If There Was No Valentine’s Day on February 14th?


Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday. There are many thoughts on the origination of the holiday, but that is a whole other topic. Some people adore Valentine’s Day, and others simply despise it. It can be a hard holiday to endure for those who are alone or not recognized on that day. I wonder. What if there was no Valentine’s Day? Would the world come to an end as we know it? Without Valentine’s Day:

How would we show our love and adoration for others?

There are 365 days in the year. Pick a day, or how about showing your love and adoration for others every day? Is that possible? Maybe not, but we definitely could put forth a little more effort into showing how we care throughout the year regardless of whether there is Valentine’s Day or not.

When will anyone receive any roses?

I am one of those who never receives flowers, ever. Can you tell I am a little bitter? Anyway, it is always nice to surprise someone you care about with roses or other beautiful flowers, as long as it is not because you feel guilty for doing something wrong.

If you have children, you may have even experienced the dandelion bouquet that was thoughtfully picked by hand just for you. If so, you know that your heart was touched by that simple gesture. You did not need Valentine’s Day to receive dandelions. For those of you who have not experienced that yet, just wait. You will see what I mean when that time comes.

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When would loved ones buy special gifts for each other?

Remember that 365 days comment earlier? Guess what? You can also pick a day out of the year to buy special gifts for your loved one anytime. You can find gifts throughout the year to show your love. They are just not as obvious as they are near Valentine’s Day.

You might have to spend some time actually shopping either online or in the store looking for that special something. It would be a unique and creative gift rather than an item of multiples on a shelf that everyone has access to. You would have to take the time to really put effort into your thought of gift giving for your love.

What else would we do on February 14th?

Good question. If it was not Valentine’s Day on the 14th, you would have to have a normal day like any other day. You would have to go about your regular business, eat dinner at home, save the chocolate for an after dinner dessert, etc. Would that be so hard?

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Would that be so hard?

Yes, I believe it would be. It would not be the same if we did not have February 14th set aside for Valentine’s Day. However, I also feel we should not hesitate to show our love and do for others any day of the year whether we celebrate Valentine’s Day or not.

What do you think? Valentine’s Day or not?