Your Bleeding Heart Will Finally Heal


Broken hearts are painful. Highly painful. You might want to feel sorry for yourself, hide in a dark room, and seclude yourself from others. At times, it might feel impossible to mend a broken heart. It might even feel as if it is not worth going on because of the pain. However, your bleeding heart will eventually heal. There are some things you can do to help the healing process.

1. Talk to someone

Find someone you trust to talk about what your heart is feeling and what you are going through. It does not have to be someone you are close to. You can find a professional if you feel that that’s the best way to go. What is more important is that you find someone to trust and who will listen with empathy.

2. Express your emotions

It is healthy to express your sadness. Crying is a physically and emotionally healthy way to process your sadness naturally. It is a part of your healing process. Writing your feelings in a journal is another healthy way to express your emotions if you are someone who likes to write in journals.

3. Get out of the house

It is easy to crawl under the covers in the dark and wish away the pain. However, that’s the worst thing you can do. Isolating yourself from others will only keep you down. It is crucial to spend your time out of the house and around people. Getting a fresh breath of air will also help you feel better.

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4. Find or revisit a hobby

Keeping yourself busy with something you really enjoy will not only help the healing process, it will help you improve your craft. This is a great way to keep yourself busy and your mind off your heart.

5. Do something new

Another healthy way to get your mind off of your bleeding heart is to try something new. Maybe it is a new hobby or craft. Maybe it is taking a trip somewhere you have always wanted to visit. Try something you have always wanted to try.

6. Give yourself time

Healing takes time. It is ok to feel sad, lonely, and emotional. Give yourself permission to mourn your loss. Do something nice for yourself. Take some time for some self care. Aim to work on your healing in a positive way.

7. Take care of yourself physically

Depression can lead to other health issues if you are not careful to take good care of your body as well as your mind and heart. Be sure to eat healthy meals, drink water, and get some exercise and good sleep to keep yourself healthy.

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Mourning the loss you have experienced is normal and a part of your healing process. Allow yourself to mourn, and then try these things to help you continue to heal your bleeding heart. With time, you will be feeling much better. What ideas do you have that might help heal a bleeding heart?