5 Unmistakable Signs You Are Not Over Your First Love


Ah, the first love. The special person who stole your breath away and made your heart ache in a way you never knew before. It is hard for anyone to forget what the first tinge of love felt like.

No matter who comes into your life after that person will only be a vague comparison to the emotion that poured into your first love. Here are the signs that mean you are not over your first love:

1. You still think about them years later

It is probably obvious that if you are not over your first love, you will still be thinking about them even after all this time has passed. Of course, it is not merely the thought of this person that is the indicator. It is what comes with the memories.

Do you find yourself still yearning for their touch, smell, and voice even years later? Can you still visualize their expressions as they spoke or listened to you? Do you dream of being wrapped in their arms again? If you answered “yes” to those questions, you are still pining hard.

2. You catch yourself almost contacting them

There are days that go by where you are tormented by the idea of dropping them a line on FB or shooting a quick text. Yet, you stop yourself, because you are also afraid that somewhere along the line they have moved on. So you waffle back and forth, driving yourself crazy. Finally, you settle on stalking their social media pages to get the latest scoop without saying anything at all.

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3. You imagine what it would be like to see them in public… with someone else

On the same theme as the second sign, you also ponder what it would be like to run into them in a public place (despite knowing your first love might have moved worlds away). Part of you is thrilled with the idea of seeing them and how “fated” it would seem to encounter one another again after years have passed.

Then you think about how dreadful it could be if they are with someone else or with a wedding band on their finger. Fear grips you, and you back to scrolling through their FB status, determined to find out if they are still available.

4. You compare everyone else to them

Whether the first love ended on good or bad terms, you still find yourself comparing everyone else you meet and could potentially date to this other person. This usually happens when you are not over someone, because you are still looking for the qualities you first fell in love with in another individual.

5. Being with them is natural, even after time passes

Yes, it may have been years since you last saw one another. Yet, when you do get together at the high school reunion or a friend’s wedding, it feels like you never split apart. Even if you do not physically meet but talk over Skype or something similar, the conversations just seem to flow. This is simply a sign that both of you have held onto the familiarity and emotions that got you together, to begin with.

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Although the first love is often the love that eventually ends, the feeling never dissipates. Some people are perpetually haunted by the lingering emotions of love until they find someone else who fills the void.

If you are displaying these signs, you have yet to move on. Know that it is perfectly okay to still be thinking about this special person because if it was not for them, you would not have learned love!