When You Are the Girl Who Is Difficult to Love


Some of the most fascinating people in the world are like living puzzle boxes. Total breathing mysteries. But when you are a woman that is hard to love, your puzzle box is more like Pandora’s Box. Your mystery is a black hole.

Some may say you are impossible or incorrigible, but you most likely do not care what everyone else says. When you are a girl who is hard to love, you are as much of a force to be reckoned with as you are a soul who craves understanding.

You live an interesting life

The complicated you has been through unbelievable trials. These were what molded you into the person you are today. Strong, resolute, and unbreakable. You probably wear those scars proudly like tattoos, because no setback is going to keep you from living the life you want.

Having gotten through the hardships independently, you have decided to live on your own, doing what you desire, whenever the urge strikes.

But when it comes to love, others see this outlandish, complicated life as emotional baggage or flightiness. You are the uncatchable butterfly, dancing away from any nets that come your way. People will give chase because your life is beautiful, but they will turn away when they realize just how hardened to love you have become.

You are a closed book

Love is said to open the hearts and cause emotions to pour into the hands of your significant other. For a girl who is hard to love, even that poetic sentiment alone might make you gag.

You open your soul up to no one, except maybe your cat or dog. You let nothing see you cry, except maybe a tear-jerking book. Otherwise, you keep yourself contained behind a veil of intrigue.

No one can pin you down, and for awhile they may be interested in getting to know the real you. But you will never hedge, and they lose interest.

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Everything comes before love

You have hopes, dreams, and aspirations that are yours and yours alone. Every step you take drives you towards the attainment of that goal. If you let love get in the way, you consider yourself silly or childish.

Love can wait, just like sleep can wait. So your labor endlessly and devote your soul to your passions. If a suitor does approach you, they may first see this grit determination as a scintillating aspect.

Soon they realize that their attempts to woo you fall on deaf ears. Because you put your passions and goals before everything, even others, you are seen as an Ice Queen.

You do not need anyone else

When people actively look for love, it is usually because they feel they need someone in their life to hold their hand. You, conversely, do not. Love might have hurt you in the past, or you have no need for it.

You know that as long as you love yourself and take delight in your passions, there is no need to have someone else in tow. You are an unbridled, self-sustaining force. It is madly intimidating and awe-inspiring. But the challenge of winning your affection is too much for some, and they will turn away.

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You are not playing hard to get – you just are living life your own way. Still, your unwillingness to soften up to attention and love has turned you to stone.

The one who may one day win the love you keep hidden away is the one who slowly whittles away your resolve, who sticks around despite your guardedness. Although you are hard to love, you are not entirely unlovable. Be you, whoever you are, and life will love you back.